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Collective Wisdom

Almost every other place on encourages conversation. This group is different in that it's a place where the key "nuggets" of knowledge are deposited and stored. All discussion here is meant only to further refine/modify these nuggets.

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Nasil mask VS a full mask 2 Replies

I started C-Pap in 1995 on a nasil mask. I used one until a followup sleep study earlier this year. They switched me to a full mask. There are some pro's and con's to both.The full mask leaks more…Continue

Started by Jeffrey Donaldson. Last reply by Sheryl J. Runyon Feb 2, 2011.

Sore Tongue 1 Reply

Admin OptionsEdit Discussion…Continue

Started by Randy Deremiah. Last reply by Melinda Hertel Feb 2, 2010.

Cleaning Humidifier Tank (from Judy) 2 Replies

I've found that filling my humidifier tank w/very warm water and dropping a PoliDent Denture Cleansing table into it and letting it sit for awhile, then given it some good shakes, emptying it and…Continue

Tags: clean, cleaning, humidifier

Started by The SleepGuide Crew. Last reply by susan mccord Jan 10, 2010.

Data Capable CPAPs 1 Reply

Not all cpap machines are data capable.Most, if not all, machines record compliance data, which means that it records the number of nights and how many hours the machine was used. Insurance companies…Continue

Started by sleepycarol. Last reply by nigel Nov 22, 2009.

How to become a PSGT 2 Replies

What are the educational requirements? Where do you go to school? Is it a very stressful job?I don't know that I am a suitable candidate to even consider this field. I am an RN (BS in Nursing) and…Continue

Started by Mary Z. Last reply by Mary Z Oct 10, 2009.

Sleep Terms and Definitions 1 Reply

I didn't write the following definitions but "borrowed" them from another site. Snoredog on wrote these -- or at least posted them. I would like to give him credit for this wonderful…Continue

Started by sleepycarol. Last reply by RockRpsgt Mar 4, 2009.

Understanding Sleep and Sleep Stages

Sleeping Well; What You Need to KnowSleep Requirements, Needs, Cycles, and StagesWhy can’t I sleep? Why am I so tired? If you’re like half of all adults, you may not be sleeping well and not getting…Continue

Started by sleepycarol Mar 3, 2009.

Self-Treatment Options for Mild Sleep Apnea

Self-help treatment for sleep apneaMild sleep apnea is responsive to self-help remedies, or “behavioral treatments” in many cases. Each of us is different, you may or may not see improvement with…Continue

Started by sleepycarol Mar 3, 2009.

CPAP Sleep Apnea Treatment (from Sleepy Carol)

Treatment for sleep apneaCPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)CPAP is the most widely recommended treatment for moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea.CPAP entails wearing a mask-like device…Continue

Tags: cpap, treatment, apnea, sleep

Started by The SleepGuide Crew Mar 3, 2009.

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