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This is a tease and am struggling to find anything out about it.  Anyone here know about the new travel device which is supposedly the "missing link in therapy evolution?"  It's called the Transcend and is made by Somnetics.


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I can't tell for sure looking at their website, but it looks like a small, portable, battery operated PAP machine.
Thanks for this Dr Parks. I had a good look around their website, but couldn't see what it was. Am disappointed if it's only a battery operated CPAP (unless it's micro small) as the adapter isn't that much of an effort to pack for holidays. We'll hopefully know soon for sure though!
I am curious too, especially the available "direct to consumers" part.
LATEST: Now they're saying no hose??!!

"No More Excuses for Spouse or Partner to Avoid Treatment for Snoring; First Sleep Apnea Therapy Device Designed Around the Lifestyle of Patient Makes Evolutionary Jump Ov
A new, more advanced sleep apnea therapy system will soon be available for the snoring spouse or partner in your life. Transcend overcomes the burdens of using an old fashioned CPAP. In fact, its unique design—which is lightweight, compact, and comfortable—removes many of the excuses and complaints of a snoring spouse. No more long hose tethering the patient to the bed or pulling on the mask when shifting positions during the night. No more messy humidification chamber. No more worries about the power going out and being left with no therapy."
Well the press release says no long hose tethering you to the bed which is different from no hose.

It also says no messy humidification chamber, not no humdification chamber.

I have seen prototypes of battery-powered CPAPs which you wear like a vest. The water for humidification is held in a plastic bladder much like a CamelBak hydration pak. Transcend may be one of these prototypes making it to the market.

You can get up and go to the restroom or let the dog out while the CPAP is still pumping air into you.

What do members think about using it on long airline flights?

Interesting that they say "for sale direct to consumers". Is it correct that big brother requires you to have a DME license to sell CPAP equipment to consumers? If so, I guess they could obtain a license.
When are we going to get to see a picture of the marvel of engineering?
At last, the tease is over...... and now I see why they said it wouldn't have a long hose.  Just busy right now to investigate further, but thought you guys might like a peep meanwhile....
I would need a chinstrap, (see video) making it pretty bulky over the top of the head. Think I'll stick with my little backpack.

Kath Hope said:
At last, the tease is over...... and now I see why they said it wouldn't have a long hose.  Just busy right now to investigate further, but thought you guys might like a peep meanwhile....

Hi Kath, Just found a good idea from a link on one of your postings. Medical Alert Card "Nocturnal Hypoventilation Patients"

Sleep apnoea trust .org  Anyone with apnoea carry a card stating your sleep breathing condition for the paramedics and Doctors in the ER. Good Sleep,Chris 

it is a battry powerd cpap

the cpap sits on top of the head

and has warm moist air

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