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ZolliStar replied to Dan Lyons's discussion CPAP & Dry Mouth
"Dan, Do you use a chin strap?  If you're a mouth breather, you may need a chin strap so that your mouth stays closed. It's important to keep it closed throughout the night for a lot of reasons -- mouth, dental, etc., etc. I've…"
Nov 24, 2016
99 replied to 99's discussion Five Day Cure obstructI've sleep apnea
"Wed 9  9 mg Thursday 10 missed  Friday 11 9mg have insomnia  going skip rest until insomnia goes away Just did maths had my five days"
Nov 11, 2016
99 replied to 99's discussion Five Day Cure obstructI've sleep apnea
"Day after tomorrow I mean trump day wed 9 9mg "
Nov 9, 2016
99 replied to 99's discussion Five Day Cure obstructI've sleep apnea
"Day two Monday 7 Nov 9mg very relaxed Day three Tuesday 8 Nov 9mg sniffles appears to have stopped  must reduce dose"
Nov 8, 2016
99 replied to 99's discussion Five Day Cure obstructI've sleep apnea
"Start treatment again  Nov 6 @ 2100 first day"
Nov 6, 2016
99 replied to 99's discussion Five Day Cure obstructI've sleep apnea
"Day 5 not quite there must quit treetment for non and have at least a five day break But even so my health has improved "
Nov 1, 2016
99 replied to 99's discussion Five Day Cure obstructI've sleep apnea
Nov 1, 2016
99 replied to 99's discussion Five Day Cure obstructI've sleep apnea
"Day three not so good with osa  DAY four better but still not quite there "
Oct 31, 2016
99 replied to 99's discussion Five Day Cure
"Day one immediate improvement to OSA but had insomnia and slight constapation Day two flatulence greatly reduced muscle tighten"
Oct 29, 2016
99 posted a discussion

Five Day Cure

I believe I have found a cure that only take five days which I am trialing now It has many benificial side effects as well by reducing snoring to name onePM ME as I do not want mainstream media to find out and have it banned as I fear that is how it will goWill try again after a little breakIn addition will increase omega 3And thirdly a chiropractic to realign atlas bone in spine is just a passing thought See More
Oct 28, 2016
liz4cps commented on liz4cps's group Prince William Co, VA support group
"BluePoint Medical* holding their next Remedy event on June 4 with Terry Cralle, RN on "Sleep in the Mordern Family".  They will also be checking CPAP machines and providing breakfast. Click on link above for more…"
May 7, 2016
Dan Lyons posted a discussion

CPAP & Dry Mouth

In recent months, I have developed extreme dry mouth as a result of the CPAP.  I am a mouth breather when using CPAP.Recently, I saw an advertisement for the symptoms of dry mouth, but as usual, when I need the information to have a discussion with both my primary care  physician and my dentist I haven't seen the ad. Has anyone else seen the ad and can anyone remember the info in the ad?Thanks in advance,DanSee More
Mar 30, 2016
richard graham posted a status
"My deductible is double what a machine is online but I can't get the machine set up. Any ideas?"
Mar 10, 2016
BeeAsleep posted a status
"Hi all. I am just checking in and saying hi after being gone for a long time. I am doing GREAT! Just got a new machine and mask. Feel like I"
Jan 23, 2016
BeeAsleep updated their profile
Jan 23, 2016
99 replied to Fred's discussion CPAP - cure worse than the disease
"Do not turn light on as this hinder you from falling asleep or choose red light instead which do not afect your sleep"
Oct 27, 2015
99 left a comment for Joan Williams Rice
"Hi Joan visiting pelham and I have osa"
Oct 27, 2015
99 left a comment for martha crabtree
"Hi maths visiting pelham "
Oct 27, 2015
99 left a comment for Rhonda Harrison
"Hi Rhondda I am visiting pelham and have osa"
Oct 27, 2015
99 posted a discussion

Leaky gut

Do you have a leaky gutHow would you knowA telltale sign for leaky gut is Athletes footI wish to ask do you have or suffer from itThe reason I ask is maybe this is a common denominatorJust text yes or text noAnd if you are the first to text also keep a tallyExample38 yes 0 noYour input would alter the tally39 yes 0 noSo now I will input first1 yes. 0 noSee More
Sep 26, 2015
Steven Y. Park, MD
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  • New York, NY
  • United States
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Latest Activity

Steven Y. Park, MD posted a discussion

Expert Interview: Dr. A. Joseph Borelli on Brain Dysfunction and Sleep Apnea

Please join me on Tuesday, April 23rd at 8PM for my next Expert Interview. This month, my special guest is Dr. A. Joseph Borelli, who is President and Medical director of MRI at Belfair, in Bluffton, SC. He is a leading expert in brain imaging and has an interest in brain imaging in patients with obstructive sleep apnea. He’s going to show some eye-opening radiologic images of your brain after repeated apneas.Click here to register: …See More
Apr 21, 2013
Steven Y. Park, MD posted a discussion

Expert Interview: Dr. Jeff Rouse on TMJ and Sleep Disorders

Please join me on Wednesday, March 27th at 8PM Eastern when I will interview Dr. Jeff Rouse, who will talk with us about the relationship between TMJ disorders and sleep-breathing problems. Click here to register: More
Mar 22, 2013
Steven Y. Park, MD posted a discussion

Expert Interview: Dr. Karen Bonuck on Pediatric Sleep-Breathing Problems and Developmental Issues

Please join me on Tuesday, February 26, at 8PM Eastern, when I’ll talk with Dr. Karen Bonuck about her landmark research linking snoring in infants and higher risk for developmental delays later in life. If you have children, or thinking about having children, you must listen to this interview.Click here to register: …See More
Feb 20, 2013
Steven Y. Park, MD posted a discussion

Ask Dr. Park: What You Can Do When CPAP Fails

Please join me for my next Ask Dr. Park teleseminar when I’ll go over all your options when CPAP doesn’t work for you. Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2013Time: 8PM Eastern (1 hour)Click here to register: See More
Jan 16, 2013
Steven Y. Park, MD posted a discussion

Expert Interview: Nancy Rothstein, Author of My Daddy Snores

In this Expert Interview, we’re going to have a discussion with Nancy Rothstein, author of My Daddy Snores.Date: Wednesday, December 19, 2012Time: 8PM EasternClick here to register: More
Dec 14, 2012
ZolliStar replied to Steven Y. Park, MD's discussion Expert Interview: Dr. Barry Krakow on PTSD, Insomnia, and Sleep Apnea
"This was a particularly good interview. I would encourage Sleep Guiders to listen to it,"
Nov 30, 2012
Steven Y. Park, MD posted a discussion

Expert Interview: Dr. Barry Krakow on PTSD, Insomnia, and Sleep Apnea

Please join me on November 27, at 8PM Eastern, when Dr. Barry Krakow will return to talk with us about PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), insomnia, and obstructive sleep apnea.Click here to register: More
Nov 21, 2012
Steven Y. Park, MD posted a discussion

Ask Dr. Park: CPAP Success Strategies

In this Ask Dr. Park teleseminar, I answer all your questions related to CPAP. Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2011 Time: 8PM Eastern  Click here to register: More
Nov 7, 2012

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Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome — A Primer

Note: This is an edited transcription of a podcast recording

Today, we are going to spend the next 30 minutes talking about upper airway resistance syndrome, or UARS. It’s a relatively new description of a condition that’s related to obstructive sleep apnea but as you’ll hear in this podcast, has enormous ramifications in regards to so many health conditions that we see, not only in our field, but in almost every other field in general. I have to say, however, that this is a… Continue

Posted on February 8, 2009 at 11:00pm — 5 Comments

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At 5:09pm on March 2, 2011, Chris H said…
Hi Dr Park, If nitric oxide produced in the nasal area is not getting inhailed due to stuffiness or bypassed like Dr Jones" hole in neck" Is their a therapy to replace what is normally produced?Good Sleep, Chris
At 2:42am on October 5, 2010, D. W. Conn said…
Dr. Parks,
Could you explain Sleep/Wake perception disorders? Over the past 25 or so years there have been the occasional patients that want to argue to the death that they never fell asleep during their polysomnogram. The patients truly believe they never slept. All Stages REM, NREM and brief REM was observed. I had another patient such as this a few days ago.
At 11:17am on August 3, 2010, D. W. Conn said…
Dr. Park when scoring an arousal we know it has to be at least 3 seconds. Is there a maximum duration?
At 7:55am on July 3, 2010, D. W. Conn said…
Dr. Parks.
Would we see any changes with OSA or Central apnea when treating cardiac patients with ionotropic, chronotropic medications?
At 7:57pm on May 26, 2010, Matt said…
Thanks Dr. Park, I did get that and am looking forward to reviewing it.
At 5:51pm on May 12, 2010, Mary Z said…
Thanks Dr. Park. Well worth the time, energy and expense.

Mary Z.
At 3:39pm on May 12, 2010, Mary Z said…
Thanks Dr Park. I did decide my attitude was out of line. Please blame it on chronic irritability (just lately) and sticker shock. Still I would be interested in what your consult consists of.
I did delete the comment as unnecessarily antagonistic. My humble apologies.

Mary Z.
At 5:04pm on March 24, 2010, Judy said…
And thank you re: the mp3 file. That was the first telecast I've really taken part in. I've never had much interest in youtube, twitter, myface and telecasts and online videos due to being a victim of slow speed dial up as our only available option in our rural area.
At 5:01pm on March 24, 2010, Judy said…
I so hope they will!!!! I've been absolutely enthralled w/DeVilbiss and F&P finally coming out w/fully data capable xPAPs! And delighted that PB has come out w/the new Sandman and would love to know more about them. Even tho I'm on bi-level. *sigh* I really LOVE my Resmeds and the ease of acess to so much data via the LCD screen. I really didin't lke the fussy access to the limited data on the Respironics. And I really HATED the power brick and platform of the Respironics too. The Resmed S8s have been such a CONVENIENT style, especially when traveling and changing motels each night. I was so sorely disappointed to see the S9s have the doggone extra cord and the power brick - two of the things I've hated most about the Respironics. I've got my fingers crossed that they will do a presentation for us!!!

And by the way - you sounded so YOUNG during the telecast!!!
At 4:20pm on March 24, 2010, Renee said…
Hello Dr. Park,

I got to the pdf with the link you provided and I'll get going on investigating all the info.

Thank you,

At 12:38pm on March 24, 2010, Steven Y. Park, MD said… Sorry, I gave you the wrong link. Here's the right one:

On the upper left hand corner, you'll see a PDF link.

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