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At 12:44pm on May 12, 2013, Jackie Chan said…

Mike when is the next Manhattan Awake meeting? I would like to attend

At 10:41am on May 31, 2012, Jackie S. said…

Hey Mike! Any news on what topic the upcoming AWAKE meeting will be on? How much in advance are the meetings posted on the website? Just trying to figure out which one to go to. Thanks!

At 8:45pm on May 4, 2012, Jackie S. said…

Hey Mike, I sent you a message the other day. Not sure if you received it. I'm missing the sleep side of life and hoping to get involved again. Can't wait for my company to open a sleeplab in NY. Think the closest one is in NJ. :(  Hope all is well!

At 5:49pm on May 2, 2012, Brett Husebye said…
Please unblock my access to the forums so I can post once again. I have some info to help several readers but cannot do so at this time. I posted an external link for a charity and called the admin a nazi. I am sorry but it WAS for charity! I was more concered with the charity drive succeeding since it was free than acting out or trying to cause trouble. Now the drive for the charity failed thanks in no part to people who would not even spend thirty seconds to vote for a children's grant which would have been given out to the winning idea for the money. Thanks Brett Husebye
At 1:06pm on March 23, 2012, Dr. Ruben Cohen said…

ok.. I am new at this so not sure where to write my posts and what to talk about!! Will spend a bit more figuring out how to do all this over the weekend!

At 9:27am on October 6, 2011, Mary Z said…

I've ben greeting every new member for a while now, so I guess I'll just keep that up, maybe change the wording to reflect a welcome from all members. Should we let iBiomed Services keep their ad for masks on the forum?

Mary Z.

At 8:47am on October 6, 2011, Mary Z said…

Mike, I'm not having any trouble with my PM's.

Should I greet new members as a member of the SleepGuide Crew and do you have a script?  I can look back and find one of the old mesages if there's not a set format.

Yeah, I noticed you haven't been around much, hope all is ok.

Mary Z.

At 3:56pm on August 3, 2011, Judy said…


Please ask Ms Garrison about PR's "Auto IQ" machine. Specifically this... "After it's been used in auto mode for 30 days, and it switches to CPAP mode using the 90% pressure number, can it ever be reset (through the clinical menu) to do another 30 days of autotitration?" (And then another, and another, and another? [] )

And...a follow up question for her (yeah, wish I could be there! lol )
When it's set for the 30 days of autotitration, can the minimum/maximum pressure range be set (for example 8 - 15 ) if the doctor doesn't want it to be using 4 - 20 during those 30 days.

Maybe she'll let you look at the Provider manual while you're there?

"With the AutoIQ, after the initial autotitration, is it possible for a clinician manually to start another 30-day autotitration in a narrower range of pressures by specifying a minimum and maximum pressure?"

At 3:55pm on August 3, 2011, Judy said…
At 11:36am on May 22, 2011, Doranne said…
Thanks, Mike. New to the site - anyone out there with a Bi-PAP? If so, how's it going? Which machine do you have? Mask? The DME is calling tomorrow, and I 'm planning to succeed with my treatment. Knowledge is power.
At 4:09pm on May 13, 2011, Mack D Jones, MD, SAAN said…
Mike, I saw what looked like a PAP machine in bin Laden's room when the first news videos were being shown. Did he have sleep apnea?
At 9:05am on April 3, 2011, Mary Z said…

bnaamhse, another one, Mike.


Mary Z.

At 1:38pm on March 30, 2011, Maryann said…
Mike,  What do you think about my machine giving me an AHI reading of zero every night?  I have been on my CPAP for 4 months. My original AHI at my sleep study was 82. It was up and down all over the place at first and now for about 4 weeks and now it is zero every night.  My therapist acted like that was great but I think something must be wrong the machine especially since I do not any change in the way I feel.  What should I do?   Thanks, Maryann
At 2:49am on March 13, 2011, susan mccord said…
At 4:01pm on February 18, 2011, Sheryl J. Runyon said…
Thanks Mike,
I found that after I messages you,I got it all straighted out. Sheryl
At 9:27pm on February 15, 2011, Sheryl J. Runyon said…
i have been receiving other peoples email from sleep quide. Threads I have not participated in. I can only think that something is wrong within my email set up. I was looking for a link within the site to deal with this type of problem and could not find one,that is why I addressed the matter to you.
At 4:05pm on November 27, 2010, Billy Hardin said…
Thank you very much Mike. I have Sleep Apnea. Like you I could not use a CPAP machine. After using it for 40 hours I could not stand the mask on my face. When I woke up with it on my face I would almost go into a panic attack. I'm a retired disabled VET. I have called the clinic at the VA Medical Center in my home town but always had to leave a message. No one would call back. I am going to check with the clinic in person and try to find something new. Thanks for your info. Bill Hardin,
At 11:06pm on September 30, 2010, Angeleque McNutt said…
Thanks Mike. I knew there had to be a forum for this...but I'm actually looking for advice! :) (not finding it yet)
At 12:31pm on September 24, 2010, Rooster said…

Thinking about AHA Marketing Director.
At 11:56am on August 11, 2010, Banyon said…
Hey Mike, Do you have any more details about this forthcoming product?
I have a vague memory of someone working on a CPAP that you wear like a shirt, but can't find any more references at the moment. Thanks.

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