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Aug 21
I use my cpap everynight. I do sleep walk and do dishes or whatever. Ive actually gone outside. Sometimes my husband wakes up to get me. The other night I woke up standing in the livingroom. Other than the obvious of not using cpap while walking, and feeling bad. How can i stop this. Ive locked my bedroom door but I open it anyway. Besides short of tying myself in bed, what can I do?

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This is definitely something that you need to talk to your doctor about. Any medication treatments would come from him. You might also want to discuss this problem with a behavioral therapist who specializes in sleep. Sometimes they are able to help.

Sleep walking is one of those parasomnias that are very difficult on everyone involved. I know that is not a helpful answer but it is the best I can give.
i understand that when you sleepwalk you do so with your eyes open so you do not bump into anything

i think i sleepwalk myself and the doctor said that using cpap it would go away

i do know if it has or not in my case
First of all Pearson I have a spare bedroom just for you. I will clear all of the tripping hazards if you do my dishes. My wife told me that i needed to make more money for a maid. You might be a better solution.

Did these episodes start before or after PAP? First I would talk to your primary care physician about what is going on. you may need some further test. You also might want to put some dead bolts on your doors.

True Story. Most of you know that prior to finding a job in the sleep field that I worked as a bartender. I also did some headhunting and consulted on some local restaurant openings in my area. At one opening ion particular I hired a life long friend to run the bar at a local french restaurant. After I hired him he disapeared for about 2 weeks with no word as to his where abouts. When he finally showed up he had the best excuse that I have heard for disappearing. His excuse was sleepwalking. I had no idea about sleep problems at this time so I called BS. To my surpise he had been arrested as a result of his sleep disorder. You see he had left his house about 3 am the night that I hired him. He walked three miles through a really bad part of town bfore he finally was stopped in front of our local county hospital by the police. he actually woke up in handcuffs. I asked him what he said to the cops that had arrested him. I was shocked to hear him say "i asked them where my clothes were". He had walked all that way completely nude. The cops checked him into the county hospital for psychiatric treatment. He had just been released and I was the first person he came to see. When we went to his house to put deadbolts on his door we found his clothes in the yard. I would bet at this point we both laughed for a good hour.
I did the driving thing in my sleep. Woke up in hospital, ICU. I hit a tree. No one else was involved. Can this be if something on my mind? I have 2 boys in Afghanistan.
Driving your car! Good lord pearson please call you doctor today!

Sleepwalking can be caused by stress. It can also be a early warning sign of something much more serious such partial complex seizures or dementia.

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