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Good Morning:

I have been using a full face mask now for only about two weeks, my jaw is very sore in the mornings when I wake up, is this normal, I never experienced this before...

I have noticed that I have alot of water inside my mask when I wake up in the morning and most of the water for my humidifier is gone......I don't have nearly as many leaks as I did with my nose pillows, do I need to turn down the humidifier or is this normal with a ffm????

I also find that the bridge of my nose is so painful these days, I have put a bandage on it --helps somewhat, does this mean my mask is too small or is this normal with a ffm???? It took alot of effort and dicipline to get on a ffm I would appreciate any input from those out there in cyber space with more experience than me with ffm.


Belinda :)

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Belinda, I don't have answers to your FFM questions, but I'm VERY interested in hearing the responses. I just started on full face 3 days ago. Had to switch due to massive leaking from mouth breathing. Who knew? (well, my card and my DME obviously knew!)

I'll be watching this thread to see what you find out.....

Susan McCord :-)
My experience with the ffm's. I've been through plenty of 'em. The one that's working the best for me is a Mirage Quattro extra small size but using the head gear from my regular M. Quattro mask. You've got to keep tweeking the gear until you get it just right and then, don't change it! You may have to adjust it a little tighter after wearing it for a while, for it stretches out a bit but adjust all straps evenly so it essentially stays the same.

The bridge of the nose can get very sore but with time it get's used to the pressure. I think it's normal but some may say otherwise. In the mean time use the mole skin. It's flatter than a band aid. When I got a sore on the bridge of my nose I used some Neosporin in the middle of the mole skin and it cleared right up. I no longer have to use mole skin or anything. I also use a baby wipe around the contact area of my face right before putting it on. A little tip...I put those slightly used wipes in an old empty kleenex box by my bed and when I have a cold I have a nice thick dry cloth to wipe my nose with and sometimes use inside my mask around (and partially in) my nose to catch drips when I have a bad cold.

From my experience the same thing happens with the jaw. It will be sore until you get used to it. Because of the pressure of the air, suction is created and the jaw get's pulled forward when we relax while keeping our tongue to the roof of our mouth in order to keep the air from blowing out of it. I don't think the jaw would get sore if the person actually just breathed through the mouth only. Which is uncomfortable and impossible for me. I have found that after 2 years my brain has trained my mouth to stay shut but I'm unable to switch to a nasal only because of sinus issues.

As far as the water in the mask goes I wouldn't worry about it if it's not actually bothering you. You could try turning down the humidifier but maybe you need it that high. Just experiment with it. When I first started therapy I needed it higher than I do now. Now it sits between 3 and 4 year round. Used to have it up near max. I've always had a hose cover and never experienced rain out until I tried a nasal only mask. That mask had a long small tube on the end of the mask that had no cover so the condensation built up and when I turned over I got a nose full of water. NOT pleasant! I made my own hose cover by cutting off the fingers of a glove and slipping them over the hose one by one. It worked. But then as I said I started getting sinus issues and could not use it. Bah!

Of course these are just my own experiences and opinions. Hope it helps ya. Good luck!
Hi Belinda,
I have always used a full face mask (18 months) as my nose gets stopped up sometimes. My jaw doesn't hurt in the morning, but my bite is different and it takes a little while for my teeth to meet correctly again (not long though). I also get irritation on the bridge of the nose, I have to wear the mask tight to stop leaks. First I used paper tape, but that wasn't so good, now I use small bandaids. I don't want adhesive over the spot lest it pull skin off when I remove it. Maybe I will try the moleskin though. I've been eyeing the Mirage Liberty- it fits over the mouth and also has nasal tubes (don't know the right word for it). It looks interesting and in theory would prevent the main source of my leaks, around my cheeks.
Keep us posted and good luck,

Mary Z.
Is the Liberty that you are referring to what some are calling a hybrid mask?
Dear bonesigh and Mary:

I appreciate your replies......It helps to know that these symptoms are very common, I am very new to ffm like Susan. I will continue on and just keep tweeking here and there. I will borrow your idea for the baby wipes.

Susan how are you doing so far with your ffm???? I was like you--had massive leakage due to mouth breathing.....I miss my other mask but, this is better for me.

Jan, I don't know what a hybrid mask is. You can look at the Liberty on the ResMed site.
Mary Z.

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