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What do you do to avoid the bridge of your nose from being sore? I wake up with a mark on it every mornings are worse. It this a problem I will need to live with ...or do you think it is a fit problem with my full face mask?

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I had a similar problem with a Fisher & Paykel nasal mask - brought it in to a different durable medical equipment provider (not the big national chain that sold me it) and they said it was the wrong size. sure enough, i got a larger size, and things were fine. you can also try a different mask - each mask is different enough so it's unlikely it will hit you in the same spot as the other. you can also buy products online to line your mask with soft material -- i think karen moore, a member of the group, sells these products -- called Pad a Cheek. you can search for her on the site and leave her a message. you can also try a makeshift solution like a band aid or something to put on the spot that's getting irritated. hope some of those ideas give you food for thought. probably others have other solutions that would work equally well. my advice though is NOT to settle for pain/discomfort with the mask. you don't have to, so you shouldn't.
I'd say a fit prob for sure! Mask size and fitting is critical with PAP therapy. There are some adjustments that could be done provided you have the correct mask size. What make and model of mask do you wear?
Its hard to beat Karen's Padacheek products. But a good interim "fix" can be a Mack's Silicone Ear Plug. Roll half of one in the palms of your hands to form a rope or tape and lay that on your mask cushion where it fits over the bridge of your nose. It not only provides some padding it makes a great seal and prevents air leaks into the eyes. In fact, you can use a full Mack's Silicone Ear Plug to fit around the entire mask cushion for a good seal to your face.

Hanging your hose above you head can also help as that eliminates the hose tugging down on your mask which tends to dislodge the mask a bit and turns the cushion edge up to cut into your nose bridge.

Whilst fitting your mask to your face, always be laying down, sit the mask on your face slightly lower than where you want it on your nose, turn your CPAP on, adjust your straps COMFORTABLY, lift the mask a bit off your face and as you let it lay back down on your face slip it slightly up your nose into its proper placement. That turns the edge of the cushion UNDER so it doesn't cut into the bridge of your nose. Run your fingertip along the seamline between cushion and face to eliminate minor leaks.
I wear a: Mirage Quattro Resmed full face mask. I wonder if I should go back to my supplier and try another mask. Do they ever let you bring more than one home to check out?
Do you have the Quattro Small size? I wasn't wild about that thin cover on the Quattro cushion either. SHARP edge. Altho it is a very popular full face mask.

Just how lenient a mask exchange policy local DME suppliers allow varies from supplier to supplier. Actually, they should alll offer a lenient mask exchange policy since Resmed, Respironics and Fisher & Paykel will replace FREE to the local DME suppliers most of their mask models that patients have tried and been unsuccessful with IF the supplier fills out a form and returns that mask W/IN 30 DAYS.
Many people report that the RemZzzs cloth mask liners help tremendously with soreness on the bridge of the nose. I have also read that many people find relief with the PadaCheek products as well. What really helps is to get the skin away from the silicone mask skirt so that there is a reduction in contact with the silicone and perspiration--these are known to irritate the skin on the bridge of the nose. It also helps to find something that absorbs some of the oil on the surface of the skin which adds to the irritation. There are also those out there that talk about using moleskin or cotton balls on the nose bridge with varying results. People have tried many things, but probably the best thing is something that allows the strap tension to be reduced while maintaining a good seal and keeping the silicone away from the skin as much as possible. I agree with Mike, you shouldn't settle for discomfort and a poor CPAP therapy experience.
I recommend using either the Hybrid or the Liberty mask, they cover the mouth like a full face mask but they have nasal pillows for the nose, so you don't have any thing pressing on the bridge of your nose and if you wear glasses you can even read with your glasses on with the mask on! I have tried many many different FF masks and I just can't stand the pressure they all put on the bridge of my nose! Anyway it might be worth trying? Good Luck to You
Get a product called moleskin from the drugstore it comes in sheets, you'll have to cut it to size. I cut mine to about 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches stick it to where it is getting sore before you go to sleep. Also check to see for proper sizing of your mask. those little sore spots can get nasty with out protection, sometimes they start out like a pimple after the spot , then they get infected. if it does that see a dermatologist immediatly! the infection will take weeks to heal and leave a scar
Mary J,
I too am a ResMed Mirage Quattro user. To me, it sounds as if you have the nose bridge adjustment (the dial) set to low and it is applying to much pressure. You need to keep in mind the mask is not a set and forget type. You need to fit it every night as you never get the head gear in the same spot each time. The cushion at the bridge should "inflate" to provide the proper seal, not compress to seal. It takes some getting used to.

When I had this problem it was because I was wearing the mask too tight.

The problem I have now is that the strap causes a pressure sore on the back of my neck. I got a small piece of soft fabric and fold it over once and put it between the strap and my skin and it works great.

I'm sure the size thing is very important too.

I find that my mask begins to leak more toward morning, so, in the beginning, I continued to tighten my straps in the morning. Well, this led to the mask being too tight all night. Now, I just shift my position to help the mask seal better early in the morning and that seems to work. As far as I know, my machine does not have leak compensation.
Try a nasal pillow instead, it might help since it only seats below your nostrils, but the sides can be a little uncomfortable, but won't hurt your nose bridge.
All of today's CPAPs can compensate for some leak. But none can compensate for too high a leak rate.

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