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This is a demo of my CPAP system - Respironics RemStar Plus M Series with a ResMed Swift LT nasal pillow.

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Comment by BeeAsleep on May 28, 2009 at 10:10pm
I use the Swift LT nasal pillows for women, and I LOVE it. I used a nasal mask in the sleep study. I don't like the attachment on the top of the head either, for the same reason, it jams the pillows up your nose.

I have my machine in a big empty drawer in the night stand, I keep the drawer open when I am using the machine, and I wrap the hoses lightly in the drawer and close the drawer when I have visitors or the cleaning women come over. Works great! Good luck to you on your journey.
Comment by Jim Schmidt on May 28, 2009 at 9:47pm
Dan: The pillows came with the system. I tested them with my sleep study and liked them the best, so that's what they delivered. There's still leakage that comes with it, since it can come loose if you roll around a lot in your sleep, lowering the pressure going into your nose. I seem to be doing okay with it, though.
Comment by Dan DiLuzio on May 28, 2009 at 8:54pm
Jim, great video - thanks for sharing. How do you find the nasal pillows? I have a full nasal mask; looks like a respirator. Problem is that I also have allergies and the slightest leak around the eyes causes me real discomfort - as in having my eye sockets Brillo'd :-). I was wondering about your mask as an alternative.
Comment by Jim Schmidt on May 22, 2009 at 1:47pm
Sounds like I might have to post a second video just showing off the machine :)

It does have a heated humidifier, but I hadn't checked the water tank before I shot the video. The removable foam filter is less than a week old (washed the other one, and it's waiting to be used). The dust isn't too bad under the bed where I have the machine, but I'll see what I can do about getting it raised a bit.

As far as the snuffling, it might have been the machine and dirty air, but it could have been my trying to talk with air blowing down the back of my sinuses as well :)

Getting the Pro machine could be fun for having more access to data, but that would mean more hassle with hardware and software purchases than I'm willing to deal with at the moment. Plus, I'm pretty sure it would have to come out of my own pocket, which isn't really an option now.
Comment by Daniel on May 22, 2009 at 1:29pm
Personally, I think that it's nice to have the Pro, but as long as you had a high quality sleep study, you'll do just as well with the Plus. Therapeutically, it makes no difference at all. A CPAP is ultimately just a vacuum cleaner in reverse.

But speaking of vacuum cleaners, I'm al little concerned that you placed you CPAP on the floor underneath you bed. I can't tell if there's carpet in you bedroom, but if there is, you are essentially vacuuming your carpet up into your nose all night long! If it's a wood floor, there's still a whole lot more dust at floor level than there is if the CPAP is raised up a bit. If there's no room to put your CPAP on a nightstand, try to find a little footstool or something to keep it off the ground. If that's not possible, be sure to check your filters frequently, because I bet you'll have to change them about once every two to three weeks when the CPAP is on the floor.

I think I even detected the consequences of dirty filters in your video demonstration. With only two minutes or so of CPAP use, when you took off the mask, you were congested and snuffling for a while. It's possible that dust particles are being forced under pressure up into your nose and sinuses. Check your filters! If that isn't the problem, it seems to me that you would benefit from a heated humidifier. You didn't show the device in the video and you didn't mention one, so you may not even have one. I'd strongly recommend a heated humidifier to increase your comfort.

Lastly, I saw that you were making use of the Auto-Start feature, which can be a wonderful thing. However, with your device, the ramp feature does not engage when the Auto-Start kicks in. You must manually press the Ramp Button on the device. You may have thought the machine was starting at 4 and gradually ramping to 6, but you were actually starting right in at 6. No wonder you never noticed a higher pressure bothering you! Since 6 doesn't seem to disturb you, I wouldn't bother with the Ramp feature at all, and simply continue to enjoy the ease of use of Auto-Start.

I wish you continued success with your CPAP therapy,

Comment by Mike on May 22, 2009 at 12:46am
Jim, good video! It's clear that you have the right attitude toward this stuff and given how little time it took you to adjust, i'd put you in upper 90th percentile of all cpap users with respect to getting into the swing of things. I wonder whether since it's been such a short amount of time, you can get your provider to swap out the Respironics RemStar Plus M Series with the Respironics M Series Pro. It's essentially the same box, but the level up from what you have. The difference is that the Respironics M Series Pro is fully data capable, the ResStar Plus is not, which means you'll be able to track with the Respironics M Series Pro whether and the extent to which you are having apneas, hypopneas, other respiratory disturbances, and leaks. Right now, you're only able to tell how long you've used it and whether you've used it. Trust me, you want the level up. Then you can also get the software to read the smart card with (for the Pro version). It has some pretty nifty data. Let us know if you're interested in learning more. There's a lot to absorb. But you've already taken the most important steps.

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