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Aug 21
In a recent Sleep Study article, I wrote from a personal experience about the difficulty many people have coming to grips with a diagnosis of Sleep Apnea. A member of this forum then started a discussion about sleep studies, and about the prospect of a home sleep test conducted with the assistance and oversight of a registered respiratory therapist, or some other qualified professional. I brought it to the attention of my wife, and lo and behold, she's now 100% behind the idea of a "do-over" sleep study to confirm or deny that she has Sleep Apnea. If my wife can be convinced to undergo this type of test, anyone can. This may very well be the future of Sleep Apnea diagnosis.

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Comment by Melba Cooper on February 23, 2009 at 7:25pm
Hi again Judy. I was glad to see your comments pop up. Yes! A study in my own bed would be a great improvement...however, everyone here is very sensitive and helpful but Icertainly had two of my worst nights wired up in the "model" bedroom. I also investigated the Respirontics Simplicity mask you recommended. My oxygen service person has ordered one for me. We looked it up on looked like a reasonable as the mask I currently have that is most effective, leaves red marks really wears on the bridge of my nose. I soft "nose cup" really leaks everytime I turn over and I don't like the whistling noise through my nose. Certainly I would love a "majic bullet Pill" but until then I am determine to work this out and be happy about it. I am so happy to feel good. This has really, literally saved my life.
Comment by Judy on February 23, 2009 at 11:30am
I sure would prefer it! If for no other reason than to have a qualified RPSGT's brain to pick w/o some "sleep doctor" hovering around the atmosphere! Heck, even a PSGT's brain to pick would be refreshing! AND I wanna copy of the video!!!! *wicked grin*

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