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Fully Data Capable CPAPs and APAPs I'm Aware of As of Apri 2009

Fully data capable CPAPs that I am aware of as of April 2009:

1] Resmed S8 Elite w/EPR
2] Resmed S8 Elite II w/EPR
3] Respironics REMStar Pro II w/C-Flex
4] Respironics M Series Pro w/C-Flex
5] Covidien (Puritan Bennett) Sandman Info (not to be confused w/the Intro)
6] Fisher and Paykel SleepStyle 244 (the 244 is the key identifier)
7] Puritan Bennett GoodKnight 420S
8] Puritan Bennett GoodKnight 420SP

Fully data capable APAPs that I am aware of as of April 2009:

1] Resmed S8 AutoSet Vantage
2] Resmed S8 AutoSet II w/EPR
3] Respironics REMStar Auto w/C-Flex (the beloved pre-M Series "tank")
4] Respironics M Series Auto w/C-Flex
5] Respironics M Series Auot w/A-Flex
6] Puritan Bennett GoodKnight 420E (the "E" is the key identifier)
7] Covidien (Puritan Bennett) Sandman Auto
8] DeVilBiss IntelliPAP AutoAdjust
9] Fisher and Paykel SleepStyle 200 Auto (the "Auto" is the key identifier)

Fully data capable bi-level PAPs that I am aware of as of June 2009

1] ResMed VPAP Auto
2] ResMed VPAP Auto 25
3] Respironics M Series BiPAP Auto with Bi-Flex
4] Respironics pre-M Series BiPAP Pro 2 with Bi-Flex

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Comment by Judy on April 30, 2009 at 8:40am
Always be sure to search online for the best prices. The Respironics cable reader can be had for as low as $49 from time to time. I originally got mine from twofactors in HongKong for $25 plus $7 shipping for a grand total of $32 and a 10 day shipping time.
Comment by Mike on April 29, 2009 at 11:58pm
actually, even though respironics makes the software, the manufacturer runs the risk of really pissing off their main customer base, the clinicians, if they actually tell you how to use it! that's why you'll want to post your data onto this forum/ ask questions here. the manufacturer will tell you nothing. we will tell you everything. then you can run by your doctor what you learn on your own and with our help. at that point, you'll be in a position to have a really intelligent conversation with him. that's my $0.02 at least.
Comment by Mary J on April 29, 2009 at 11:20pm
Excellent and thank you. I go to the doctor on Friday....will see what happens. However....getting this data will be important to me because the doctor implied I would only see him every 6 months. I don't really want to wait that long for feedback on my health. So....once I get the reader/software....will there be instructions on how to read and interpret the data so I can call my doctor if I have any concerns?
Comment by Mike on April 29, 2009 at 10:55pm
the answer is that you can wait for a doctor's appointment or for an appointment with your medical equipment provider, and they may run the report for you with the software and card reader they bought. but i find handing over control of my data to the health care industry to be fraught with more trouble than its worth, if i'm even able to get the information at all -- waiting for an appointment, what they will and won't tell you, misinformation, etc. so i got the software and data card reader myself, and recommend that everyone else do so as well so they can take control over their own health. of course, i sell the stuff at, so i'm biased, but don't take my word for it, definitely talk to others on the forum who seem to know what they're talking about. i think they'll all say the same thing. btw, this post tells you how to buy the respironics software and data card reader.
Comment by Mary J on April 29, 2009 at 10:20pm
First of all....everyone who participates - particularly the sleep professionals and the experienced users of XPAP are simply amazing and generous with helping everyone out!

I have the Respironics M Series with AFlex and it is listed above. I am intrigued with the reports I have seen on the discussion entitled: My April Data. For me to get this I need to also get the software and reader (about $199) to get this data myself? If so, does the software come with instructions on how to interpret the data? I think the more I learn about this...the better off I will be long-term. Is this what most of you recommend?

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