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What is an AVERAGE pressure? My doctor and sleep lab person was shocked at mine...I am at 18. I am guessing that is bad....booo!

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I think 18 is pretty high too. I think my machine "maxes out" at 20. I think it can go from 4-20, but not higher. So you're up there. Pretty impressive that you can handle it!

Me personally, I have a narrow range of 10-12. I tend to hover more around 10, though.
sorry, i'm just a 13!
I should probably ask who has a setting LOWER than mine. My pressure setting is only at 5. I'm wondering how the doctor decided it should be that low. If my health insurance doesn't get cancelled before then, I've got an appointment next month with a pulmonologist to read my data card and see what's going on. I started CPAP about 6 weeks ago or so.
Mine is 11. No idea why that number was selected...
Mine is a constant pressure of 14, which brought my ahi<5 in lab. I still have AHI >10 on my autoset ii w/humidifier with new settings though......I am trying to find people who can help me understand why...I will post here when I learn something that works.
Mine is an auto pap machine set to 9-16.
It seems to average out at 9.
Are you using a full face mask. Sometimes because a full face mask will cause jaw protrusion. this is where because of the straps it causes your lower jaw to move forward and slightly open your mouth, which in turn causes your throat to close a little bit more. On the average a person titrated in a full face mask will be 2-4cmwp higher than someone on a nasal or nasal pillow mask.
I'm at 13 and neer ramp. If I ramp, I feel I cannot get any air. I am so used to it a full pressure, I use it even for short naps in the daytime if I ever take onel.
when we titrate we start all pts at 5cmwp and watch and count. each time your ahi/rdi goes above five events per hour we raise it by 2. We continue to do this every 20-30 min until events are gone or at least under 5, and snoring is at a minimum level. That short of a mask orientation and paper work sums up a cpap titration. It is 40% art 40%skill and 10% luck. I have been luck as to have great instructors, for some it is very hard to master.

Daniel Carey said:
Mine is 11. No idea why that number was selected...
yes I have a full face mask.

I guess I WIN! sheesh...yeah they told me the machine goes from 5-20 and me being on 18 is pretty crazy. But yeah...I am OK so I guess I have been sleeping bad for many years. Well, at least I know where I stand now! LOL
Mine is set at 17.
Sharon said:
Mine is set at 17.

you are on my tail! hahahaa...

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