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This is a pretty cool graphic.  Easy to understand but it makes the point well that good sleep is crucial to a healthy, safe waking life.

Thanks, Mike.

be good to have the file so we can post it at work. 

try right clicking and save file to your local drive.

GUY T said:

be good to have the file so we can post it at work. 

Sad but this more applies to the Night Sleep Techs.

REM sleep in my opinion is NOT the deepest level of sleep. Slow Wave Sleep is the deepest. REM sleep is connectivity to emotions and memories. Slow Wave Sleep raises the sensory thresholds such that this is the type of sleep of childhood where you can lift the child from the car to the bed without waking them. Children have the majority of sleep as Slow Wave Sleep. It is the only time the brain goes into this state. As the graphic depicts REM is pseudo Wake, and actually used to be called PseudoSleep, because of its similarity to wakefulness. 

SWS has always been the mystery and the sleep that affords the feeling of recuperation.  REM sleep is the sleep of incorporating the phone ringing into your dream, SWS is the sleep of "A bomb could have gone off and I would have slept through it."

See the difference?

i was so impressed that i wanted a print out of  all pages

Maybe you can just type it into word for yourself.

Very informative. Will have to keep it in a file for reference.

Thanks Mike.

Might I add that keeping regular hours of sleeping and waking is also important (if you are able)

And to follow up with JAN'S is your wake up time that sets the body's clock. Typically, no matter the number of hours you sleep, it is best to keep to the same wake time (plus or minus 1 hr)  than it is to sleep late but get more sleep. Pushing your body clock later into the day just sets you up for nasty monday morning blues..which are really jetlag from bad sleep hygiene over the weekend. 

in the interest of proper attribution, this graphic originates from the folks at  -- thanks guys for your excellent work!

See, Harvard agrees that Stage 3 is DEEP sleep.

"Stage 3 sleep is deep, restorative sleep. Your breathing will slow and your blood pressure will drop. Muscles relax as the blood supply to them increases, promoting growth and repair. "

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