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Mar 7, 2022
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Dec 4, 2021
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Sep 16, 2019
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Aug 21, 2019

First, I'd like to share a youtube video. It was cute but informative.  Enjoy. Might help for us not to take ourselves to seriously.

Also, you guys have taught me something. I just got a new cpap which I had to get because when I had my sleep study, sleep doc felt that the study hadn't been conclusive. He went ahead and wanted to have my cpap reset from 7 to 12 (I found that disturbing). They had titrated me up to 10 but I was still having problems on my back. He said he wanted me to bring my sd card to have it checked in a month so he could decide if I needed a further sleep study to retitrate me to the right levels or if 12 would do the trick. I was like, what sd card? Mine was made prior to sd cards. I had no clue until I was reading Barb's post that machines would give information on how you are doing. I went and checked my machine and lo and behold mine does too. My AHIs are averaging .3 to .4 a nite for the past 30 days. How cool is that.

Lastly, I have to wear a chin strap. I suspect that now that I've figured out why I need the humidifier, I might not need to wear one but since I can't watch myself sleep, I guess I'll keep wearing one. It has been nice though not being all stuffy when I'm sleepy. I suspect that's why I was mouth breathing. The chin strap I was given though is really nothing more than an elastic piece of cloth with velcro adjustments and it's really wide. It tends to go all the way back to my throat which might not bother most but it does me. I think it messes with my claustophobia (which is why ffm isn't an option for me) and also, I'm asthmatic and have troubles with anything around my throat or that touches my throat. I know in my head I'm not being choked but tell that to my fluttery heart. So my question is, does anyone have any recommendations regarding a chin strap?

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I'd sure like to know more about chin straps.

My brother wears one, but it sounds similar to the one you have already tried.  Do you know anyone who is really proficient at sewing?  You could probably design one for yourself that would meet your need to not have it touching your throat area.  Some medium width, heavy duty elastic with velcro sewn on the ends might do the trick.  You could have a cloth covering sewn over the area that rests on your chin.  Just a thought.

Try not wearing it for a night. If you wake up with a dry mouth you will know you need the chinstrap. Raising your humidity will help eliminate oral breathing in SOME cases.

I think the humidity would for me. I think I was probably mouthbreathing when my nose got stuffy. I raised my cpap to 5 and my nose stays much clearer. I've thought of not wearing the chin strap and seeing what happens. If I started breathing through my mouth, would that register as a leak on the machine?

RockRpsgt said:

Try not wearing it for a night. If you wake up with a dry mouth you will know you need the chinstrap. Raising your humidity will help eliminate oral breathing in SOME cases.

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