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Sep 16, 2019
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Aug 21, 2019

Got word of this new product.  I'm not endorsing this by any means.  Haven't yet tried it.   Just passing it along for all your information, in case anyone's interested

Sleep is increasingly being recognized as a major public health issue facing our nation. Sleep insufficiency has been linked to several fatal incidences including car accidents, industrial disasters and occupational errors in the workforce. According to the Institute of Medicine, an estimated 70 million US adults have sleep or wakefulness disorder. Because insufficient sleep has become a public health epidemic, I wanted to share two products with you that have shown great results in improving sleep:
GEAR4’s newest product, the Renew SleepClock, works in conjunction with a mobile application, enabling you to track and manage your sleep all from your iPod, iPhone or iPad contact-free. Renew tracks when you are asleep and whether you’re in light or deep sleep, allowing you to better understand your sleep patterns and improve your quality of sleep. Here is a video that shows how it works.
SnoreRx® is a natural, non-invasive sleep aid product that helps suppress snoring and provides a more restful night of sleep. While there are several different sleep disorders, snoring in particular affects approximately 90 million American adults of both genders. SnoreRx’s patented technology consists of a soft cushioned pillow liner infused with essential oils that naturally enhance the air you breathe as you sleep. In just one week, more than 50,000 snorers across America requested free samples of SnoreRx!

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Interesting!  Wonder how it compares to the SleepTracker I've been looking into.  Think SleepTracker's cheaper though, but probably not a lot of difference.

If they make a claim to treat a disease (OSA included) they run into legal problems. So even if this product did in fact treat oSa, and I'm not by any means saying it does, their advertisements would be the last place to discover that.

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