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Mar 7, 2022
99 replied to Mike's discussion SPO 7500 Users?
"please keep me updated about oximeters "
Dec 4, 2021
Stefan updated their profile
Sep 16, 2019
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Aug 21, 2019
So I am sitting in front of my pc studying, researching, and doing what I do. Spending time with my mistress as my wife says. All of a suuden my computer begins to slow down. At first i panicked! Then I realized that i had 32 windows open. Think that will do it! To make matters worse I had 6 text books strung about my desk and kitchen floor.

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Pretty funny Rock...I expect to see Halloween photos posted!
My costume is only funny to those I work with....we do a lot of embellished greeting cards. Glitter, embossed, die cut, seed paper, spot varnish, raffia tie, etc.. And it is a big 'ole pain in the behind. So I am making a Princess of Embellishment costume....using all the various cards to make an outfit...sewing on glitter cards etc...should be fun...and funny to my co-workers who really, really hate glitter...

Sleepycarol, I think my husband still thinks he can win at Fantasy Football....maybe one day he will burn out. bee
BAHahahaahahahahahahahaha, Carol!!!!!!

Susan McCord :-)
Ahhh, Rock Hinkle, yours is truly a great family. A union bricklayer. Maybe some day today's privileged generation will realize how much unions have done for America and the middle class.
I wrote this song for the world, but The sleep guide peoples might need this so peace and love find a way to the hearts and minds.
pretty good for drunk gun nut, huh?

Mollete said:
sleepycarol said:
Hey a good one Rock on the costume. You as a brick and then your wife can then "lay" you!! LOL

susan mccord said:
BAHahahaahahahahahahahaha, Carol!!!!!!

Susan McCord :-)

Reminding you of your tirade in the dating discussion:

I would request that Mike also close this discussion. If you're going to go ballistic with my subtle innuendo, then you have no right to encourage explicit sexual references.

Personally I do not think that the other discussion should have been shut down.
LMAO Duane! That was awesome! I can't believe that she would not talk to and paid your bail anyway.
Mollete is a very knowledgeable source of information about sleep apnea. No matter that she does not have the condition herself. Patients, pros and everyone in between with an interest in Sleep Apnea are welcome here.

Mollete said:
BTW, in response to your question in that thread:

susan mccord said:
Re: the young woman who seems to be the driving force toward provocative here, I for one would like to know what particular sleep disorder she's struggling with. Does she have one?

I do not.

I do not have a diagnosed sleep disorder. yet i am fascinated by mollette and jnk. Hmmm maybe i do have a disorder. is it wrong that i like to listen when they talk?
Sleepy Carol rocks the Forum!!!!!!!!

McCord lol !!!!!
ROFL, Duane!!

Susan McCord :-)

Duane McDade said:
pretty good for drunk gun nut, huh?

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