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I know I probably need to see my Dr., but for the last three weeks I have suffered headaches. I noticed a mention on Dr. Steven Park's thread. The headaches began as a migraine, and then the next day progressed to headaches. They don't ever go completely away, but aren't always horrible. I have had minimal migraines and headaches, but not for this length of time. I went on my VPAP machine in Nov 2010. Any input anyone?

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Thanks Mike. I am going to do some journalling about the symptoms until I can find time to see the Dr. See that I should have posted 'Headaches-are they sometimes related to CPAP?!! Need to read before clicking!

How do you define "migraine"? Do you have a diagnosis of migraine? Do you take migraine specific medications like "triptans"?  I'm just asking, since the way you are referring to this is different than I have heard it described before.  If you are having migraine symptoms that progress to a migraine headache, then the treatment for that may be different than if you have another type of headache that is not neurological like migraine.  


Sleep Apnea can trigger a migraine and also non migraine headaches.  One possible cause is the lack of oxygen to the brain if your cpap therapy is not functioning correctly (mask issues, consistent use issues, sinus congestion issues, etc.)  There are so many possible causes of headaches; if you are having significantly stronger, long lasting or repeat headaches,  you should definitely see your doctor asap! It can be a combination of things as well, so keep that in mind when thinking about the possible causes and solutions.  It may take more than one thing to fix it.

My severe headaches were relieved when I started using CPAP consistently over 20 years ago, but most headaches are not caused by OSA.  Since you have noticed a sudden onset of persistent headaches, I advise that you get worked up by someone who knows how (neurologist, etc.)



I had constant headaches along with morning headaches which most of them disappear when I use my CPAP consistently.  I do notice they come right back if I do not sleep with the CPAP.  I noticed my headaches were coupled with fatigue and my family has a history of sleep apnea so that why my doctor recommend seeing a sleep specialist.  Sometimes it is from my allergies which is relieve by medicine.  Everyone is different so you should you get check it out.
Headaches are common if your apnea is not being treated well enough.  Do you have a CPAP that records data such as AHI so that you can monitor your treatment?
You need a neurological evaluation, preferably by a neurologist who specializes in headache. Ordinarily, headaches caused by OSA will be relieved by effective PAP treatment. A thorough history, physical exam including a neurological exam and possible diagnostic studies should be done to get to the bottom of your problem. A close look at your PAP machine in use needs to be done as well. I am a retired neurologist with a past history of migraine and OSA myself and I can tell you the list of headache causes is extensive.

Hi Louise,

I suffer from headaces, as well, the next day after using my VPAP. I went to my dr about them and was told that I needed a machine with the humidifier. Well, mine has that. So, I make sure that is full of "distilled" water all of the time. I, too, am on oxygen 24/7 and my machine has a spot to hook up the oxygen to it. Between the two I, also, have such a dry nose. I feel it is not a good combination at all. But I am learning to deal with the headaches and dry nose, and throat. My dr did suggest using a nasal saline solution to help with the dryness. It has been helping so far. Good Luck to you! I hope you find what works for you. ttfn

I was having chronic headaches and I quit diet soda.  The sweetener was giving me a headache.  I use a C Pap and that was not the problem.


Good Luck with that.

Thanks everyone! I have determined ( at least I think I have) that the headaches are mostly from my neck. I am going back to my DME about a different mask. I have a nasal mask, but often wakeup readjusting it so it isn't leaking. I think I am holding my head in a certain position during sleep to keep the mask from leaking. I have small features on my face & I think my next mask should maybe be the pillows for nose only. I do have a humidifier on my VPAP and always use it.
I suffered for years averages1-3x a week  migrains with nausea / light sensitivity in my eyes/ ect...  I been using my bipap for two years sleep apnea  got 100% better but I still had  bad headaches .  I came across an article on the side effects of apartame( I drank 5-8 diet pepsi aday). I went cold turkey off aspartame, detoxed and few months later relieved of my weekly migranes...moral of this story is dont be too quickly to blame it on apnea therapy,,u might want to look in other areas too.

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