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I'm supposed to be going in to hospital to have a new knee, but i'm really really scared to go in & get the op done, because of the been put under & having Sleep Apnea, oh there's all kinds of fear's going on & yet i'm going to a brill hospital & a awesome Dr i couldn't wish for anything more but the fear is greater... 

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Deborah, you are right to be concerned.  Be sure to tell your anesthesiologist and surgeon about your sleep apnea well in advance of your surgery.  Perhaps a spinal would be an option, though I don't know that it would be any better if they give you twilight sleep.  At least with anesthesia you will probably be intubated and in recovery have O2. I would not be afraid- just be sure to let the doctors and nurses know, take your CPAP machine, have someone to watch out for you after surgery, and trust your doctors.  Good luck, keep us posted.

Less than 2 weeks ago, I had outpatient knee surgery. The anesthesiologist thought that intubation with a general was the ideal option to properly monitor my oxygen sats and re-awaken me quickly. He said, 80% of those with OSA don't know they have it, so they monitor everyone carefully. Still I warned all the nurses that I have desats down in the 60s so monitor carefully post-operatively. Everything worked out well. Since you're having a total knee, be sure to bring all your CPAP supplies, chin straps, distilled water, the hospital. 

i had a local anesthetic up my bum and it slightly affected my breathing 


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