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Mar 5
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Mar 7, 2022
99 replied to Mike's discussion SPO 7500 Users?
"please keep me updated about oximeters "
Dec 4, 2021
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Sep 16, 2019
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Aug 21, 2019

I believe I have found a cure that only take five days which I am trialing now 

It has many benificial side effects as well by reducing snoring to name one

PM ME as I do not want mainstream media to find out and have it banned as I fear that is how it will go

Will try again after a little break

In addition will increase omega 3

And thirdly a chiropractic to realign atlas bone in spine is just a passing thought 

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Day one immediate improvement to OSA but had insomnia and slight constapation

Day two flatulence greatly reduced muscle tighten

Day three not so good with osa 

DAY four better but still not quite there 

99 said:

Day three not so good with osa 

DAY four better but still not quite there 

Day 5 not quite there must quit treetment for non and have at least a five day break

But even so my health has improved 

Start treatment again  Nov 6 @ 2100 first day

Day two Monday 7 Nov 9mg very relaxed

Day three Tuesday 8 Nov 9mg sniffles appears to have stopped  must reduce dose

Day after tomorrow I mean trump day wed 9 9mg 

Wed 9  9 mg

Thursday 10 missed 

Friday 11 9mg have insomnia  going skip rest until insomnia goes away

Just did maths had my five days

Hello, 99

hi rock how are you

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