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A patient of mine did some online research and wants me to order The Sleepweaver Mask for her. I've read through their website ( and I can't decide if I'd just be ordering it for her or if there may be something to it. Does anyone out there use it? If so, could you write a review?

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There have been forum members on that have used that particular mask. If you go to their site and type in sleepweaver mask you should be able to find numerous links on it.
Here is a link that hopefully will work for you:

I haven't used it personally and it seems that there are mixed reviews on it.
I have tried this mask on and off for about nearly 2 month. The mask is very soft, and seems very innovative.

But in my case it doesn’t work. I think the biggest problem is that it is a one size mask. I have a lot of leaks when I use it. I have seen the video several times, but I can’t adjust it to fit my face.

Another problem is that there is no headgear clips, so you have to adjust it every time you take it on.

If they could make it to fit especially to your face, and they made a better headgear with clips, I think it could be great.

But today I don’t use it anymore.

Daniel, I think it is great that you are willing to order at least one for your patient and are open-minded enough to consider including an order for a couple of extra to offer other patients!!! Such a rarity among so many local DME suppliers! We read about so many not willing to order in any style they don't have already on hand, especially when it is not a mask made by the leading, most common, manufacturers.
Honestly, I don't do it for all patients, but in this particular case, the patient had a history of difficulty with masks. About a year ago, she settled on the HC406. I haven't heard from her in a very long time, and when she called, I was very happy to hear that she was still using her CPAP. I like to think that no news is good news, but when someone doesn't reorder a mask for more than a year, I start to assume that they've slipped off the wagon. How could I not order it for her whenI learned that she was not only continuing her CPAP therapy, but also doing internet research about masks?

I don't prescribe to the "one size fits most" philosophy, but if this mask can work for women with small noses who don't want nasal pillows, it could fit an often overlooked niche.
Hi Daniel,

There is one thing I forgot to tell. When I used this mask without my humidifier, the mask was very noisy. But when I used it with my humidifier (with or without water) there were no problems. I dont know why.

If the mask isn't leaking, the only place a mask can make noise is via the ventillation holes. I can imagine that the sound of humidified air escaping could be different from non-humidified air, especially with a fabric mask. However, it doesn't make sense to me that when you attach the humidifier, but don't use water, it's still noisier than the CPAP direct. Perhaps you have a leak somewhere else in the circuit?
It does not make sense to me either.

I think you misunderstood my post. If I use my humidifier (with or without water) the mask is not noisy.

But this mask does not have ventilation holes as a "normal" mask. The air is going out through the fabrics with very small holes. I have really tried to figure it out, but could not find any reason for the noise. It has nothing to do with about the air is humidified or not. In another forum I have read about the same problem.

BTW. I'm not sure that this mask fit small noses.

If you want to, I can send you my mask.


I use the mask  and have been for about a year.  I am male with a mustache.  No problems for me.  It's light and I never sweat with this mask.  My wife likes it because the air doesn't come out in a stream it's difused and I hardly notice it.

I use the adjustment on their site to get the seal, "Jiggle it back and forth using the bottom two straps.  Don't ask me how, but it doesn't leak.  The only issue is when I turn the rigid hose sometimes bends the mask, but I haven't had that problem for a long time now.

I used the nasel pillows and love them, but the new ones seem to make me pull extra hard to get air.  No issues like that with this mask  I get all the air I want when going to sleep and sleep good after.  It's hard to really know how a mask works but I had a recent sleep test (I hate my AFlex machine) and used this mask during the study.  Half way through I put the mask on and slept very well the rest of the night, I don't have exact results, but the Dr said i did very well after I put it on.  I got the mask from a med distributer not from that Dr.  His night workers had never seen one and wrote down the information on the mask when I woke. 

I don't use a humidifier, it doesn't make any noise when the seal is good.  Never had any strange noises with it.

I'm happy with it.

No help but from looking at it, I can't imagine why unless she sleeps in a cold room and that would help with condensation.


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