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So many times when we are worn out and tired we miss subtle changes in our surroundings.  It is hard to focus on the day to day mundane stuff we should be paying attention to, but don't have the energy.


My second son is 32.  He was diagnosed with ADHD (more the hyperactive state) when he was three.  Instead of medication, I elected to do diet and behavior modification with him.  It was a lot of hard work, but one that has benefit him into adulthood.  He puts in long hours and is constantly on the go.  He seldom can set through even a movie without moving about some (often when him and his wife go to the movies at some point he will be in the lobby walking some).


Wednesday while he was at work, he was involved in an accident.  Without his alertness and hard hard, doctors have said we probably would be having a funeral.  He works on heavy equipment as a tire guy.  He has went to school and can work on the largest tires that they make.  This means that he is in a dangerous profession of sorts.  Tires can blow and equipment fail. 


While trying to block a front end loader after he had jacked it up, the jack failed and he was able start rolling out of the way, but the loader came down on his hard hat dislodging and shifting it.  Thankfully he is okay, minus an ear.  Most of his right ear was cut off, he has major swelling above that ear, swelling on the left cheek, one arm is swollen, along with his upper back.  His eyes are blacken somewhat.  A CT scan was done and it showed bruising on the inside of his head. 


No he doesn't have sleep apnea (at least that we are aware of) but without the alertness that he has he probably would have been toast. 


My oldest son probably should have sleep study done as he has some sleep related issues -- I wonder if we can convince him now?  I hope so.  We have been talking to him for months now and he has always balked at the idea.

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Good luck Carol. If there is anything that I can do to help please let me know.
I.m so sorry to hear of your sons accident. His injuries sound serious enough, bruising on the inside of the head is potentially a real problem. I'm glad he was so alert and quick to get out of the way.

Maybe you can turn this into a way to get the oldest son in for a sleep study.

I hope the younger son heals up quickly and that they were able to get his ear back together.

You have our support.
His ear is healing, at least what is left of it. I have told him it adds to his character. :) Unfortunately the ear was too mangled to reattach. Better that it was his ear instead of his skull. Even in tragedy, you need to look at the positive aspect of things. Death is far worse (for his two young children) than losing his ear, so we are counting our blessings.
siblings are better at convincing to do things you should do and are better at it than parents
There's not story he could tell about that ear that would beat the truth. He tangled witha front end loader and survived. What a day for such a blessing as today, Mother's Day.
Mary Z.

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