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Aug 21
I can't remember how long ago I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. I have had two sleep studies. I have tried using a CPAP without very much positive result. I'm not saying they don't work or can't help lots of people, I just havn't noticed that much difference personally. I have tried two machines and several masks. If I felt that I was recieving the benefits from using it I would force myself to wear it.I hate wearing the CPAP. I know that this is a dangerous condition and I know that I need to do something to address it. I have read a couple of articles about mouth inserts. Some say they work and others say they don't. I would actually like to try one. Does anyone have any info on a dentist or doctor in the Ft Lauderdale area that will make one for me? I know all the complications that can result from untreated SA. I probably have most of them. I take Prozac for depression, I'm overweight, I often have memory problems. On top of all this I have asthma, GERD, frequent migraine's, and a host of other annoying problems. I am a mess I know. My asthma doctor tells me that these conditions are all related to each other and feels that if I could get my SA under control that I would see improvement in the other problems. I'm not whining, really. I am truthfully afraid of what may happen to me if I can't my medical problems under control.

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