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Aug 21
Even after my son was diagnosed with sleep apnea and my ex-husband and his wife also got machines, plus for years and years people made fun of my snoring (how loud it was), I STILL didn't think I might have it. When I finally figured it out, I didn't have insurance so that was many more years of just "living with it" (thank God).

Last Oct I qualified for a local healthcare program and it included a sleep test. Afterwords the doctor said I HAD to get a machine...severe sleep apnea, but the program could not supply the machine. Here's a rundown of the sleep study:... I'm guessing that PSG stands for Polysomnography? Well, here we go: In bed 7 hrs 8 min, slept 5 hrs 36 min. 13 awakenings/sleep efficiency 78%. 1% REM, 59% stage 2, less than 1% delta sleep.

647 obstructive apneas, 37 mixed, 6 obstructive 690 respiratory events....overall ahi 123 events per hr. longest resp. event 77 seconds

He said I failed the cpap and needed a bipap. I tried every organization and website that has been mentioned, but couldn't get help. I was about to buy a used cpap from (no bipap available) when my neighbor offered her deceased husband's older cpap for free. The sleep lab set it and gave me a mask and I started sleeping through the night! The machine had no card so there was no way for the doctor to see what my readings were, we just knew it was better than before.

Long story short...finding this forum has been a blessing. I've learned so much more about this disorder AND have obtained a beautiful bipap with a smart card and heated humidifier from June and Ron! Again, the sleep lab set the machine for me and I'll be going back soon so they can read the card and make adjustments.

I'm so relieved because at 61 I don't need to be putting that kind of stress on my heart!. I quit smoking 4 1/2 yrs ago to get healthier and now this machine is helping too! Thanks to all of you who contribute to this site and beyond!

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