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Zeo Sleep Monitor, does it work? ( not a pitch)

I keep seeing this on TV, now on the sidebar of this site.  So I took a look at it and am wondering what the thoughts of forum members are about it.  Obviously, the sensor that goes on the forehead will be an issue for masks with the part that rests there

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Me too Rock. Thanks Jon. Now we need a few more volunteers, maybe people without sleep issues...
Good luck with that one Matt.

Matt said:
Me too Rock. Thanks Jon. Now we need a few more volunteers, maybe people without sleep issues...
Well it doesn't seem like rocket science Rock. ;)
I meant finding people without sleep issues.

Matt said:
Well it doesn't seem like rocket science Rock. ;)
I almost said that but don't feel qualified...are we getting cynical with our disorder, or is my memory of satisfying sleep incorrect.
Seems like Derek might be able to fill us in on what regular people think- I mean people without sleep apnea, not that we aren't regular people. What about the reviews on AMAZON, there are a bunch of them, they give it 3 1/2 stars. Some of the reviews are very interesting. By the way the cost on Amazon is $199.00. From what I've read on Amazon, I'd give it a thumbs down. They also affer a wrist watch style style device for about $180.00 on Amazon.
Update Week#2 (Tues, Wed) -
Tues - I finally had the smart alarm feature wake me up. I definitely didn't appreciate it, as I woke up feeling REALLY tired. Granted I only slept about 6 hrs (went to sleep about 1am), but waking up after REM didn't make me feel any more awake than I would have had I slept the extra 20 minutes. Zeo score - 56 - seems right. Though beginning to question the usefulness of this if the smart alarm feature doesn't work.
Wed Went to sleep 1:30am (watched Band of Brothers for the first time - wow great show (though I think casting the slacker from Office Space as an army lieutenant was a poor choice - I couldn't get Office Space out of my head, and every thing he said seemed funny). Finally had a night w/o RFM boy hopping into my bed and waking me up, and also had smart alarm wake me up - I have to say that despite only sleeping 5 1/2 hours I feel very awake/alert. Zeo score - 66.
Smart alarm feature may have promise, scores don't tell me much as they're heavily based on how much hours you get - thus if you're in bed for 8 hours and sleep terribly, I think that you'll get a better score than 6 great hours of sleep (I hope to calculate if this is true). Especially when it counts time taken to fall alseep as REM as mentioned previously. Though it does allow me to subtract out these times, and give me a # of hours in deep and REM sleep, which I'd like to chart (pain that I have to do this manually, would be great if the Zeo software allowed you to edit it, to erase/change the designation of a time slot from REM to awake)
Next week, I hope to avoid staying up until 4am Sat night, and have a regular week of 6-7 hours sleep each night.
Also, I had been waiting to receive my mark on a huge exam taken for my job - so I think that was keeping me awake (got the mark back - failed :-(, but at least I can move on now, and not stay up worrying about it). So hopefully those marks will be more standard for me. And with my normal sleep amounts, I can better tell if the smart alarm makes me more awake /alert during the day...
Jon - great to see how engaged you are with your data. Thank you for the suggestions and feedback so far.

Mary - Instead of telling you what our customers think (which I'm sure would be difficult to take at face value from a company employee) I'll point you to our two most recent reviews in the press (which, I think, gets closer to answering your question)... The first in Vogue magazine ( and the second in the Chicago Tribune (,0,...).

As you already alluded to, there are also plenty of other user reviews across the web which you can find by Googling 'Zeo Review' or on Amazon. On that front, I will say that we pay very close attention to how our customers are using/interacting with Zeo so that we can make it better as we grow.

Great thread though. Looking forward to seeing it continue...
-Derek @ Zeo
Derek, despite the positive or negative nature of any review Zeo has made a wise investment in you and your team. I really appreciate the follow up you have done here on SG.
Rock, it's our pleasure. Thanks for the compliment - I will pass it along to the team.
@derek, Ok I have a couple of questions after reading the Vogue article. These questions may have been answered before.

Why is the Zeo being billed as a sleep coach? If it is not a learning machine what could it possibly teach us? Just giving us a score is not enough if the user does not understand why their score is low or how to raise it.

@Jon, From what I see your problems lie in your sleep hygeine. 5-6 hours of sleep is not enough. It is not just about getting REM sleep. You have to complete consecutive cycles that include all stages of sleep. One stage of sleep is no more or less important then any other. At 5-6 hours you are lucky to get 4 cycles when you need 5-6 at least. It is these last 2 cycles that give us the most REM sleep. It is very important to get quality sleep, but no more important than getting enough sleep.


Your observations are always appreciated. I had not thought of that so thank you. I still want one of these machines for my own experiments.

j n k said:
Derek will have the definitive answer, but I'll throw in an observation, if you and he don't mind.

Calling it a "coach" makes it clear that it is not being marketed as a medical device, which is very important.

Clever. In a good way.

Rock Hinkle said:
Why is the Zeo being billed as a sleep coach?

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