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Hello everyone:


I am pleased to report that I am doing very well with my full face mask, what has been happening for the past few weeks is after sleeping sound for three hours I wake up and have alot of difficulty getting back to sleep it usually takes anywhere from 45 min to an hour.....I am so tired once morning comes.  I have to be up by 5:15 am during the week.


Has anyone out there had this similar problem????  Can anyone make suggestions for something to protect my nose at night, the FFM is making the top of my nose red and very raw-very painful.  I have tried band aids not working very well.....Makeup is not hiding it anymore.


I appreciate any feedback.


Meegwetch :)

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Thanks for your feedback Mary Z! I really appreciate it.

Mary Z said:
Brian Judy, I have seen it on the online CPAP stores for $13- $15. The web site itself ( says it's medicare reimbursed and gives a reimbursement code. I tried it and thought it was a good idea, but I'm prone to breaking out and I guess the material used in its prduction made my nose break out. If you are not predisposed to little pimples, or even if you are I think it's worth trying. I'm the only one I've read about that has had any trouble with the product. I have read some good reports on it. I bought a small and still had to cut it down a bit on the sides as it caused my mask to leak whre it stuck out from under the mask (but, I'm a leak prone kind of person).
Good Luck,
Mary Z.

Brian Judy said:
Interesting find Andy. Has anyone had experience with this product? If the mask moves does the pad stay put? Any info on cost? I doubt insurance companies would pay for this item so if it isn't too crazy expensive it might well be worth trying out.

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