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Aug 21

I have never used the ramp, or bi-flex on my machine, but lately the pressure has been bothering me.  I went into set up and activated those two features- the ramp and the bi-flex.  I don't really know what the bi-flex does, but why not try it out?  I've had a problem a couple of nights this week with my nose stopping up in bed and was too lazy to get up and find the nasal spray I took off my mask.  I found a FFM yesterday and used it last night and I sure feel better.  Those two nights I didn't use my cpap I had no energy and just felt blah.

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Mary, hope your well, I believe bi-flex on the Philips is like EPR on the Resmed and is a comfort setting for your exhalation, I'm not sure what the settings are on the Philips but it should allow you more tme to exhale.

have always used the comfort setting since starting. I tried it once without and hated it. 

I have to admit, it's easier to fall asleep.

I've been thinking about trying a nasal spray. Thanks that's useful info.
Mary, do you recommend a good nasal spray?

Nasacort is now available without a prescription.  I personally use Afrin on the rare nights I need it for being stuffed up.

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