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Mar 7
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Dec 4, 2021
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Sep 16, 2019
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Aug 21, 2019
.... just wanted to update you on what has been happening here. i went friday night for the cpap study part... they hooked me all up (million wires) and glue and fitted me for the cpap full face mask.... which i found to be okay.. not really that uncomfortable. i felt some pressure., and was left to go to sleep. (at the sleep center place).. fell asleep about midnight.. tossed and turned, woke up at 4 am. could not go back to sleep.. with that the nurse or tech came in and looked at my face mask and told me it was not working properly! somehow i was not getting the pressure they had me on., something to that effect.., or the computer was not working...
not sure exactly what had happened... anyway.. in the meantime.. while the two techs are trying to figure out what is wrong , time is going by...
they come back in after calling my dr. and tell me they are sooooo sorry .. something wrong on their part not mine., and it was not my fault.. bla bla ... ok... next.. they want me to come back the next night and redo the test.. again...
same girl said she would be there and make sure it was all working and everything.,
so i went back on saterday night at 8pm.. they put me in a different room this time.
the same girl was there only with one other person working.. there were at least 4 patients..
she talks with me ., hooks me up again., and tries on the face mask and all., already had been sized. she puts the pressure on 5 i believe., and i feel it somewhat. like a cool air lightly going into my nose... not much pressure.,she said she would raise the pressure as the night went on.
fell asleep., another night of tossing and turning., not to mention "welts" from the tape on my neck and other areas..i believe the pressure was up to 9 or 12 not sure. will find out results from dr.this was not that bad. i will be getting the mask., i am sure. long as it helps..i will get it. thanks
talk soon., donnalyn

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Donnalyn, sounds like you have a bright future with CPAP ahead of you. I say that because it seems that you have an open, positive attitude toward the treatment, and seem not to have minded the feeling of the air pressure.
more from Donnalyn: "hi, just wanted to let you know i did go for the second part of the sleep study-(fitting of the mask and seeing how i do with the pressure of air. it did help some... and i am going to my doctor this week to discuss which mask would be right for me.thank you all for your support.....just want to feel better... will do almost anything at this point."

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