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A brand NEW Sleep Apnea & Snoring Chin Strap that really works is now available.  100% Guaranteed.


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Those interested in  trying the Ultimate Chin Strap should know that you can return it within 30 days if it doesn't work for you.

I tried and and liked the Ultimate, but returned it: I wake throughout the night and like to have a sip of water when I wake. It was a tad cumbersome to do so with this chin strap.

I should also mention that I tried the Ultimate during a hot New York City summer. I didn't find the hot weather to be a problem. Yes, I have air conditioning but I'm one of those people who really doesn't like AC: I turn it on only if the temperature and humidity is really, really grueling. Indeed, for years I didn't even bother to have an air conditioner. (But I was younger then....)


With the large chin strap, have you tried putting it on lower on your face and then fastening the over-the-head strap further back on your head? Since the back-of-the neck straps on the large are too long, you could shorten one or both ends and sew them onto the small top-of-the head straps.

If that doesn't work, I like your idea of cutting down the area under the chin, except I would leave that edge alone and work with the bottom of the mask so that I didn't have a stitched edge on my lip. I altered several of the other chin straps I tried, but could never get them adjusted so they kept my mouth shut.

Thank you for the term “rug underlay”. The type I used is a mesh with bumps at each grid corner. Interesting that the small Ultimate Chin Strap over-the-head straps are too short for you -- I have a very small head, and the straps are way too long for me! I used Velcro that I have around (I sew) to cover the exposed ends that were catching on my pillow (I have a styrofoam bead pillow covered with a slippery fabric). I'm going to cut the top strap to shorten it--I have a serger and can finish off the cut edge easily—and sew the piece onto the back-of-the neck strap to cover the exposed Velcro. Good luck with altering the chin strap(s) so that you can get one to fit.


When I tried the Tiara Ruby Red, it left marks on my face, too, but it didn’t keep my mouth closed. I got rid of the marks by making a “sleeve” of soft fleece for each side of the strap where it was leaving marks. I put them on seam side on the outside of the strap. No more marks on my face. I’ve done the same with my Swift FX mask and my husband’s Swift LT. Love that soft fleece!

I am waiting for a "special" order from Karen at Pad A Cheek (she is so nice).  I am using some soft fleece I had and it helps a little but where the straps from the nasal pillows still hit my skin near the sides of my nose I get deep marks.  I put pad a cheek on it but it feels like too much stuff on my face, if you know what I mean.  I can't imagine how it will feel in July & August!!! 

I'll have to check out Pad A Cheek. I've read lots of good comments about how successful they are at keeping marks off the face. It's good to know that Karen takes "special" orders. Now if we can just get the mask manufacturers to figure out a way to make a custom CPAP mask for a reasonable price, I'd be really happy. I'm quite pleased with the Swift FX, but the angles of the back strap fastening to the head strap are not quite in the right place for me. I've managed to adjust them so the FX fits well, but it surely would be nice to have one custom made.

Yes, I agree!   I would like custom made moulded for "you" nasal pillows, too.  I would also like to find a DME company that had the time to give me some individual help, rather than just handing an item to me.  I have used in the past to "rent" a mask for a week to try with better success.  The RT's at my company seem like they can't wait for me to go out the door.  I feel like telling them without customers they would make no money.  I think they are so busy with their oxygen patients.

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