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Something weird is happening with my machine............

Hi everyone - this is Mel. I am on the Respironics Bi-PAP AutoSV unit, with an oxygen bleed of 4 liters per minute at night. I also use a Respironics ComfortGel Nasal Mask. My Bi-PAP AutoSV is set at 14-4-14.

Lately, like the last 3-4 nights, right when I am falling completely asleep, the machine will suddenly force air in bursts for no apparent reason, then it goes back to normal, then it will happen again a few times during the night. At first I just thought maybe I hooked the tubing up wrong, so I got up and unhooked it and put it back on again and got back in bed. The same thing just keeps happening. The weirdest part is, it doesn't do this every night - just when it decides to aggravate me for some unknown reason.

I am going to contact my DME on Monday and see if they will send out the Respiratory Therapist to check everything out and see that it is working as if should and see if maybe they can tell me why this is happening.........

Does anyone have any other suggestions??????

Thanks much,
Melodie (Mel)

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Do you have the software Mel? Have you checked it to see if there are any clues hidden there?
Mel, let us know what the RT says. sounds very frustrating.
No - I don't have the software and so far have NOT been able to reach my RT - Dawn. Last night the machine worked just fine, like nothing was even wrong.

Is it possible that I don't always have the water chamber on snug enough? Would something like that cause those little sudden bursts of air to happen?

I am really confused, but last night was perfect - in fact I slept undisturbed for a total of 10 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! That is totally unheard of for me! This is just too weird.


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