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Scheduled for evaluation and possible procedure next day

Have an appointment for an evaluation and maybe the next day a Radio Frequency Temperature controlled ablation of tongue.  It (supposedly) takes several treatments.  I am not getting excited that I may not need CPAP ...but....    I would be happier if it just lets me use the CPAP without a cervical neck collar.  My neck pain is getting worse from wearing it.  I was diagnosed mile to moderate, the MD reviewed my sleep study results and felt I might be helped.  Will see what he say son the day of the veal.  It is 5 hours from where I live, hence the scheduling the next day for procedure if he deems OK.  Appointment is 10/14.  I could have had one sooner but going on vacation in 2 weeks. 

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As of now I no longer have to use a chin strap.  I am anxious about the sleep study.  Wondering if I will be able to sleep WITHOUT the CPAP….even thought I hate it it is a part of every night now and is what I am used to. 

Clueless in Redwood Shores said:

I had it on the same outpatient basis.  Much pain, no long term gain.  I did not have the annual repetition - that might or might not have made the difference. Anxious to hear what your sleep study reveals.  I agree with your second comment -- especially if Medicare will cover it, I would be glad to endure this every year or two to get off CPAP -- I tolerate it well enough but my wife absolutely hates it -- the noise if the mask slips, the air stream, the cumbersome travel. 

Ginny Edmundson said:

This is not quite the same as the one that was done 10 years ago in a hospital OR.  It is done over 6 months each a month apart and then is repeated yearly. All done in an MD's office with no sedation etc. Just a local to the tongue. Took pain meds as ordered with last one needed 12 hours post procedure. If it allows me to be off CPAP for some length of time it is worth it to me.I had procedure #2 done on a Thursday and by Saturday was having no discomfort at all so the recovery is not bad at all. 

Clueless in Redwood Shores said:

I wish I'd seen this three months ago and would be the first to acknowledge that the plural of anecdote is not data, but I had this procedure a decade back and was off CPAP for a few years but it wasn't worth it.  My doctor no longer recommends it.  Wasn't as terrible as UPPP but I am a big disbeliever in surgery to relieve OSA.

Ginny, how are you doing after the tongue procedure?

No real improvement in sleep study.  Just not having to use cervical neck collar.  What a bummer. Surgeon wants another sleep study in about a month or so (home one) Not sure if will do or not.

Mary Z said:

Ginny, how are you doing after the tongue procedure?

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