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Well, at least one American has gotten a Resmed S9 Auto.


Not too impressed w/the extra cord and power brick, one of the things disliked about the Respironics devices. Not at all impressed w/the humidifier water tank, difficult to access, difficult to clean. And not too happy w/the data display either. This person says while it provides the AI via the LCD screen it doesn't provide the HI or AHI, at least not that he/she's been able to find on the LCD screen. Some are not happy about the hose attachment in the rear instead of the front, but the poster hasn't complained about that. While it is a good looking device, IMO, it does sound like the designers took a step backward in time, and not an appealing step backward at that. I'm not so sure it is going to gain the popularity of the S8s at all.


For those thinking of buying a backup xPAP I'd suggest picking up an S8 or S8 II whilst they last!!!

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I know, jnk. But you REALLY didn't expect I was gonna pass up the chance to rattle your chain did you???
I'd barely heard of the new Resmed S9 series until I joined the Sleepwell community a few days ago. The Resmed sales rep sent me an email a few hours ago that said:

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get a sneak preview of our newest and most advanced technology in sleep therapy systems, the S9 Series flow generator.

Thanks for your time. I'll be in touch with you soon to schedule an opportunity to present the benefits of the S9 Series - the future of sleep therapy.

Then he gave this link: . . . basically they don't tell you anything but to come back to the web site on 2/26 for more info.

I'm a respiratory therapist employeed by a DME. I work with home ventilator and tracheostomy patients but also do a lot of PAP device setups. Right now I probably set up equal amounts of S8 Elite II and PR System Ones... but looks like the S9 will be our go to machine soon.
Does anyone know the clinic menu access process? Doc wrote initial pressure way too low. Like my old one is hold down right arrow + down arrow when turning on power. I just picked up a new S9 rig. Used the ResMed AutoSet Spirit for 15 years. I'll add my comment after a few nights use.
After several nights using a new S9 I am very satisfied overall. PROS: Best quality is it is very very quiet - very small, not much larger than a clock radio - bright color menu control screen - semi-intuative button & push-dial controls - SD computer data card for taking to your doctor to review sleep history - easy refill humidifier resevoir - resevoir top has a large, amber/orange window on top- resevoir tank has built in, easy to see fill lines - tank is easy to refill - has a new type of tempeture sensing  hose - all connections are on the back panel - larger rectangle filter with easy replacement flip up cover- fits in a flat laptop computer size carry bag. CONS: When you get up at night & press the stop button to remove the mask, the control panel & resevore lights come on & stay on & they seem very bright (some may like this) I wish pressing the same button again turned off the lights (3 way switch - on/off/lights off/on again) - sliding the water reservoir cover release to the right is clumsy & the cover does not popup easily. You may need to use one hand to keep to the unit from sliding. They should have  used a press-down on the top to release so you could open it with one hand. - I don't think the S9 square plastic construction is as drop-durable as older, rounded shapes. - the the carry case, though perfect for the basic unit, hose, external transformer (brick) power supply, it lacks a dedicated space to store a mask. So you end up cramming your mask in the case, risking damage. I use a fullface mask & I remove to swivel hose part to reduce damage risk. This is a great group and resource. I will be looking for an existing or starting a central sleep apnea thread soon. My thanks to the folks who started this group and all contributing members.
After only 9 weeks I had to replace my defective S9. S9 ResMed CPAP is defective. Exchange yours now. After only three weeks the fan started making loud noises on inhale/exhale. Lights stayed on and bright. I took it in to American Home Patient and they were terrific. They did some research and discovered there are a lot of issues with the original firmware/software. The exchanged model is quiet and the lights go out in under a minute. So if yours is the original, I suggest you replace it under rental or warranty.

I'm glad I read this chain of emails just now as I was close to placing an order with Second-wind for a ResMed S9 Autoset for $895. I now feel that I would undoubtedly be getting an early production unit with all the problems associated with anything "new and improved."


I think I'll go back to Second-wind and look for an S8 Autoset for a backup to my ResMed VPAP S.


Cheers, Tom

So far, the S9 issues are gone with this new firmware. It is very quiet again, the control LCD light goes out after 30 seconds as does the orange humidifier light. I would now write this off your list yet unless you are in a hurry. In my opinion. I will add that if you like a BIG humidifier tank, the S9 is not for you. Two maybe three nights is about all you can get in a warm climate like San Antonio. Up north, I'm guessing a refill every night if you like warm air.



I'm new here so pardon the post added to an oldish thread. The S9 Auto BiPAP looks awesome to me so I requested it. It seems to have a separate humidifier b/c I could have ordered it without it. I wonder if the machine "with" is different from the one w/o the humidifier. Does anyone know? I don't plan on traveling with it on a plane so that's not an issue for me.

The H5i is the only integrated humidifier compatible w/the Resmed S9 PAPs regardless the model of PAP. If you want a stand alone heated humidifier the Fisher & Paykel HC 150 or newer is the way to go. They are by far the best stand alone heated humidifier available and can be used w/any PAP.


The S9s, w/or w/o, integrated humidifier are the same device. The S9 can be used w/or w/o the humidifier.

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