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Sep 16, 2019
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Aug 21, 2019

Hi All!

I have a ResMed s8 AutoSet II, and I'm trying to read the data on my own. I bought a card reader, but the ResScan software doesn't recognize it.

I'm thinking of other ways to capture the data. I'm also considering whether I should just upgrade to an S9.

Does anyone have a ResMed S9 unit, and is using the data card (SD card) with the ResScan software?

I'd like to verify that I could use the data card (SD card) in the S9, remove it and plug it into my computer, then use ResScan to read the data.

Does the S9 have a USB port to plug directly into the computer? If so, has anyone tried it with the ResScan software?

Also, does anyone use the USB or Serial cable to connect an S8 to a computer for data transfer?

Does anyone have a data card reader for the S8 that you'd like to trade for some supplies? Maybe a brand new mask?

One last thing-- Does anyone know what the monthly fee is for the ResTraxx service? I already have a ResTraxx MODEM on my S8.


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Make sure your card reader doesn't require a null moden connection.  Probably not the case but I had that problem one time (software doesn't recognize card).

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the response!

The card reader I have has a USB cable, so no null modem is needed.

The problem I'm having is that the card reader is an ACR38U-SPC-R, but it reports a different model to Windows XP, so I can't install the proper driver.

The card reader does work, because I've been able to test it with diagnostic software that came with the reader.

It seems that the ResScan software that I have, version 03.14.017, requires a specific reader software driver.

While I'd like to get this reader working, I'm more interested in getting the data off my S8. but I'll continue to try some things, in the hopes of getting it to work.


I am working on this as we speak I will post the resolution as I achieve it or find out what the connectivity specs and issues are.

Stolen from another forum:

*******************Note: this applies to S8 Smart Card Readers Only
Will the generic reader ACR38U-SPC-R work with my version of Windows and ResScan 3.XX?
*Yes, if you have an ARC38U with the correct firmware (FW) version installed.
What is the correct FW version?
*The correct version is 110. Also known as the non CCID version
How can I identify an ACR38U with FW 110?
*All ACR38U readers with FW110 installed have serial numbers (S/N) beginning with RR00...
Are there any other physically identifying features?
*No, there are no other identifying features.
Are there other ACR38U FW versions?
*Yes, all ARC38U readers manufactured in the last few years have version 112C installed.
How can I identify this reader?
*All ACR38U readers with FW 112C installed have S/N's beginning with R052...
Is this reader compatible with ResScan and windows?
*Windows yes, ResScan no.
Can I modify FW 112 to be compatible with ResScan?
*No, it is hard wired.

Hi STL Mark,


Thanks for the info, but it unfortunately confirms the problem I'm having.

My card reader is an ACR38U-SPC-R, S/N RR052-006605.

If the info you found is true, and my experience seems to confirm that it is, then I have Firmware 112C, the one that does work with Windows, but doesn't work with ResScan.

The driver that installs is, as I recall, the CCD version.

The next step is to see if I could re-flash the firmware to make it FW 110. The device probably doesn't have memory that can be reflashed, so that probably won't work.

Another possibility is to modify the driver so that it reports the version that ResScan.expects to see.

Finally, there may be a possibility of modifying ResScan to look for the CCID driver, not the other one.

Yes, I know, way too much work for a savings of $100! But a good challenge, and something that I'm willing to put a little time into.

Funny, though. Now that CPAP is working for me, I have less awake time to spend on things like this...

One thing I'm going to try is to ask the manufacturer to swap out my card reader for the correct one. That's a long shot, especially since they're in Hong Kong. But who knows? Maybe I'll get an understanding CPAP user who's willing to do the exchange!

Thanks for your help!

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