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Resmed S8 AutoSet II - No Longer Collecting Data??

Hi All,

First off, my apologies for not checking in for a long time.

I've been using my Resmed S8 AutoSet II for almost 3 years! I feel great, have lost almost 30 lbs, am no longer sleepy during the day, sleep through the night, and have my short-term memory back.


I've told my doctors that I'm the "poster child" for Sleep Apnea and CPAPs! It's been, and continues to be, such an amazing experience that I want everyone to know!

Everything has been going well in CPAP-land, but in the last few weeks, it seems that my CPAP is not collecting data. When I review "Efficacy Data" there is nothing for day, week, or month. There is still data for 6-months and 12-months, but I see that the number of days in use is not incrementing.

Has anyone had this problem?

I called my insurance company recently, hoping to talk them into buying me a new S9, and they said they'd only replace the S8 if it is not working properly.

About a week later, I noticed this problem with the data.

Karma or coincidence? You decide!



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Hi All,

Well, I went to the sleep doc today, and he ordered a new S10 for me!

I still don't know why my S8 is not tracking data anymore.

Anyone have any ideas?

I Andy, I realize I'm months behind your post.  I have no idea why your S8 would stop collecting data.  I'm glad to hear  you're having such improvement with your apnea.  I have made great strides since I changed to the ASV machine.

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