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Sep 16, 2019
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I have been on APAP for approx. 4 months. My sleep study showed the majority (80%) of events were in the supine position. When I roll over on my back, I'm not sure if any pressure, no matter how high would alleviate the obstruction. These four months have not been a lot of fun. But I am determined to find a soultion for my OSA. The higher the pressure, the more the leaks, the tighter you adjuct the mask, the more you uncounsciencely remove the mask. I have tried T shirt with 3 tennis balls in pocket. I wake up on my back. Put a full coke can in pocket. I wake up on my back. Three pillows rolled up and inserted in long pillow case. Then tied loosely around torso and lower back. Too big, too uncomfortable. Bought childrens 4 inch diameter water float styrofoam tube and cut into 3 two foot sections. Inserted into pillow case and straped around length of back. Hey, it was not uncomfortable at all. But guess what. I wake up on my back. I'm going to use my laptop and video myself during the night and see if time spent on my back corresponds to Rescan times of events. Wow, you think I'm obsessed or what. Not really. I care about myself and I'm determined to feel better. I deserve it. If any one else has found solution to this same problem, I would greatly appreciate it. PS. I never have any events in the first hour of sleep. I fall asleep quickly. Weird!!!


Alan C

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Hope it works. I am still at 45 degrees while dealing with my sinuses and doing fine.

Alan C said:
I bought a C shaped pillow at babies r us today. This one is for keeping you from turning on your back. Will try it tonight. Thx
Barbara Zarrella said:
Well, you are male, so it may not fly.... There is something out there. I found it at Babies R US... it is a huge "C" shaped pillow to help pregnant women to sleep on their backs :-) It helped me to stay at least at 45 degrees. I had to stop using it regularly as my 'senior-aged' hip does not like to be on its side. With a bad sinus problem recently... out it came along with my wedge pillow... as I had to lower my pressure in order to survive, and had to stay off my back. It worked for me once more...
I, too, have "positional sleep apnea." Instead of trying to stay off my back, I'd rather the air pressure keep me from having episodes even while on my back. Like you said, the challenge is making the mask work with the added pressure.

And that's when I found out that I've been adjusting my mask incorretctly all along. I kept tightening the straps more and more until there was no leakage. But the masks actually make a seal by inflating the mask with air pressure, not by sealing the mask down on your face with strap pressure. So, the advice of putting the mask on loosly, laying down and then turning it on worked wonders for me. (See threads elsewhere.) A little strap tweaking was all that was necessary. The welts, rashes and strap marks are gone, and I've slept better then I have in years with the same mask and equipment.

So, as you work thru the various solutions to your challenge pay real close attention to how you set up your mask. It made the world of difference to me. My wife still nudges me off my back because I still make "moaning noises when you exhale" while on my back. But at least there are no more heart-stopping (lit.) episodes.

Good luck. This is a great forum and you're wisely taking advantage of it. Thousands out there don't.

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