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Sep 16, 2019
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Aug 21, 2019

At what point is it warranted to bring oximetry pulse events up for discussion w/our RRT or sleep specialist?


Last night I ran an overnight oximetry and happened to notice that my PEI was 5.9 and it occurred to me that I hadn't the slightest idea at what point one would find it worth while to bring it up w/my sleep or pulmonary professional. I'm sure that 5.9 isn't worthwhile but I remember in the past having a PEI of 29 over 6-7 hours of sleep.


Pulse event = change in rate by at least 6 bpm for a minimum duration of  8 seconds.


PEI = pulse events index (events per hour)
APR = average pulse rate
LPR = low pulse rate


And the next time I have high Periodic Breathing reported I'll be asking about at what point I should bring that up for discussion. Haven't had high PB in quite a while either but I'm going to be curious about that as well.


(Just giving you fair warning!)

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