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80% of people with fibromyalgia have OSA

50% people with hypertension have OSA

50% of people with type 2 diabetes have OSA

38% of people with asthma have OSA


OSA leads to heart attacks and strokes as well.  Sleep deprivation is proven to cause cancer. Please pass this along if you know anyone who is fatigued.  I have been in sleep for 11 years, and have done close to 6000 studies.  Its amazing to watch people turn around in a 6 to 8 hour period. 


If you go to a lab that only shows you 1 to 2 masks, demand to see more.  Only 80% of people who are offered CPAP actually will use it.  Its my firm belief this is because they are not being given options.  I use ResMed and Respironics in my lab.  I let patients try both machines.  Both CPAPs are great with minor differences, but the differences are noticeable.  One patient will tell me the Respironics is better, next patient will tell me ResMed is better.  I use both in the same room to ensure they get the CPAP that works best for them.  I believe what CPAP you use in the lab should be used at home. 


If your tech isn't showing you the three different styles of masks, they aren't doing their job. There are nasal masks, nasal pillows and full face masks.  I usually try on 5-10 masks per patient so they know what is out there. 


Never allow the company who will give you a CPAP (HME or DME) to give you crappy equipment. Make sure you have a chin strap handy if you aren't wearing a full face mask. You probably won't like it, but you may need it in the beginning. 


1. new mask every 6 months, paid by your insurance

2. new filters once a month, paid by insurance

3. new hose every 6 months paid by insurance

4. new CPAP every 5-7 years paid by insurance


hope this helps atleast somebody!



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Nice post on Sleep, hypoxia, and cancer Mollete.


Whether the statistics in the original post are dead on or badly wrong or something in between, there is "no advantage to me".

I would eventually like to know the truth and I also believe it is very important for the broad medical field and their patients to be fully aware of whatever that truth is and its implications.

I think you, Brenton and I are seeking the same results, that is, prompt, top notch diagnosis and treatment for all patients.

But I may be less tolerant of sloppy statements thrown out by medical professionals as scientific facts.


There are better ways to get at the truth than to attack.


RockRpsgt said:

There are better ways to get at the truth than to attack. 

Well, it depends what "truth" you're looking for, but if you reread the thread, you will see that the OP set himself up as an "authority"; was not "attacked" but rather "challenged"; and then when he realized he was "stuck", he promptly "decompensated".

I suppose one could argue that that this result was clearly predictable, but at this point, that, too, is academic.

RockRpsgt said:

10 minutes

mollete said:

RockRpsgt said:

I try 2-3 masks per pt. We use ccontrol III.

mollete said:

Brenton Johnson said:

I usually try on 5-10 masks per patient so they know what is out there.

BTW, how do you clean/disinfect/sterilize masks between patients?


How long is Control III contact time?



How long is Contact Time in actual practice?


Got your Infection Control QA Data handy?

thread closed. 


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