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80% of people with fibromyalgia have OSA

50% people with hypertension have OSA

50% of people with type 2 diabetes have OSA

38% of people with asthma have OSA


OSA leads to heart attacks and strokes as well.  Sleep deprivation is proven to cause cancer. Please pass this along if you know anyone who is fatigued.  I have been in sleep for 11 years, and have done close to 6000 studies.  Its amazing to watch people turn around in a 6 to 8 hour period. 


If you go to a lab that only shows you 1 to 2 masks, demand to see more.  Only 80% of people who are offered CPAP actually will use it.  Its my firm belief this is because they are not being given options.  I use ResMed and Respironics in my lab.  I let patients try both machines.  Both CPAPs are great with minor differences, but the differences are noticeable.  One patient will tell me the Respironics is better, next patient will tell me ResMed is better.  I use both in the same room to ensure they get the CPAP that works best for them.  I believe what CPAP you use in the lab should be used at home. 


If your tech isn't showing you the three different styles of masks, they aren't doing their job. There are nasal masks, nasal pillows and full face masks.  I usually try on 5-10 masks per patient so they know what is out there. 


Never allow the company who will give you a CPAP (HME or DME) to give you crappy equipment. Make sure you have a chin strap handy if you aren't wearing a full face mask. You probably won't like it, but you may need it in the beginning. 


1. new mask every 6 months, paid by your insurance

2. new filters once a month, paid by insurance

3. new hose every 6 months paid by insurance

4. new CPAP every 5-7 years paid by insurance


hope this helps atleast somebody!



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OH! I almost forgot something important! 

YOU GET A NEW CUSHION ONCE A MONTH! REPLACE FREQUENTLY TO REDUCE LEAKS! Also remember to clean your equipment daily.  If you are thinking, geez thats crazy! Atleast do it every other day.  This is very important.

And "I" love my Quattro FX. Good to see you posting, Brenton.


I'm one of the fortunates who has done as well on a Resmed (S8 VPAP Auto) as on a Respironics (Legacy BPAP Auto) as on a PR (S1 BPAP Auto).


That was as true w/the Resmed S8 Elite and S8 AutoSet Vantage as it was w/the Respironics Legacy Auto.


Say what, RockRPSGT???

Wish I'd been at your lab, though mine was very nice they did not go that extra 10 miles that you do, Brenton.

Ain't that the truth tho, MaryZ. I've always liked the sleep lab that I use but ... it sure isn't as great as Benton's sounds!!!

Guess I was doomed from the beginning! I have fibro and asthma! Used to lay in bed for hours waiting for sleep to come. Seldom happens now. 

Also glad my DME finally is up to date with requesting supplies from my insurance.  When I first signed on with Lincare I was concerned I'd made a mistake. Never got supplies, never got a call and could get service.  It's much better today.

Do you know  how often insurance pays for a new cannister?

the Medicare schedule is 1 humidifier chamber per 6 months.

Michael Ryan said:

Do you know  how often insurance pays for a new cannister?

Great info Brenton!  You captured all of the big issues in one brief post. Thanks.

Too bad I didn't see this before I got my first mask from the supply company 3 months ago.  One mask, that was it, and no explanation of what to look for. 

I also have the Quattro FX for Her and without the liners I order from I'd be dealing with leaks all night.

80% of people with fibromyalgia have OSA

50% people with hypertension have OSA

50% of people with type 2 diabetes have OSA

38% of people with asthma have OSA


That is a good post Brenton and I am fully supportive of getting the message out about the high prevalence of sleep apnea and the serious damage it causes.

Where do you get your statistics on prevalence by comorbidity group? I have doubt that those statistics are backed up by serious study at this point.

Nevertheless I encourage anyone with one or more of those conditions to be promptly screened by a qualified medical professional for sleep apnea or any other sleep disorder.




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