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No Health Coverage. Husband who 99% Sure has OSA.

Charlotte posted this to my wall, but throwing it out for all the group:


I am a newcomer to your site, and have a husband with SA. He has not been professionally diagnosed, but after being married for 28 years, and literally shoving him around at night so that he can breathe, or roll onto his side, I am pretty sure he suffers from Sleep Apnea.

We do not have health insurance, or would have gotten him into a sleep study program long ago. I checked into a couple of programs, and found that they are quite expensive.

What would be your advice to us? Try to get him some sort of CPAP on our own? Try different treatments? He frequently wakes with severe headaches, which I believe is a symptom of SA.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


Charlotte R. Ft. Worth, Texas "

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Right on, Mike. Often someone will have the Clinicians Manual in pdf format for that particular brand and model and will e-mail the pdf file to you.
Charlotte, check with A.W.A.K.E. as they try to provide assistance w/sleep evaulations, titrations and equipment for those w/no insurance. Talk to the various sleep labs in the are. There are those who will do some pro bono testing or will do testing at a greatly reduced rate for the uninsured. Check w/your local hospitals. Talk to your family doctor and the local sleep labs about the in-home sleep tests. Or at the very least a one month's rental of a fully data capable APAP w/the data checked WEEKLY and assistance w/mask and mouth leaks during that time. You don't want the APAP set wide open at 4-20 cms tho, more in the range of 6-12 cms or 6-15 cms would be the better choice. Adjustments could be made during that month as indicated. IF your family doctor is willing to spend a little time w/you, understanding the data and its indications isn't all that difficult if you put forth a little effort in this forum educating yourselves and sharing that info w/your family doctor.

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