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Sep 16, 2019
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Aug 21, 2019

I think it has been 3 years in April that I made a new bed CPAP.

It has been so helpful to have this wonderful forum to guide me through all the questions and frustrations of being a CPAP newbie. I know that I couldn't have done it al all without the advice and support of this group. I would have boxed up the CPAP and shoved it under the bed.

I am scheduled in January to have a new sleep study, since I have lost 50 pounds! My doctor said it is time to see if I need to still use my CPAP or if I need to have the pressures adjusted.

When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, each doctor I talked to almost "promised" me that if I lost all my excess weight that I could be CPAP-free. Well, since I have been on this forum I know that that losing weight is not an absolute guarantee that I will be CPAP-free. And you know, I am okay with that. It surprises me that I am okay if I find I still need to wear my mask every night.  If I can live longer and healthier, then so be it. I guess my CPAP has become by best bed buddy. (Except for my husband of course. lol)

So I will keep you updated. Not so much looking forward to being hooked up with the wires again...but we do what we have to do to stay healthy. :>D

Have a wonderful 2012 to all of you on this wonderful forum. Thanks again Mike for offering so much of  your time and talent to make this work.


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YAY!!! Even if you still need it, maybe your settings can come down. Lot easier though to lose weight when you are well rested.

Thats great about losing all that weght. Good luck with the sleep study.

Thanks! Losing weight with or without a CPAP is still about calories in calories out. Which is a drag that they haven't found a magic pill for that yet! lol Have a great New Year.

You should come to my lab.


So you can torture me with all the hair goo and wires? lol My insurance pays for the lab at Boulder Community Hospital..where is your lab?

Alpha Sleep Diagnostics in Aurora. Boulder is closer to you and Chris runs a great lab. My wife runs EEGs out of their lab during the day.

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