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I've been hearing advertising for this product over the past few days.  It's sold as something to help snoring, but as I look at the information it seems to me that it would work just as well as my mandibular advancement device (MAD).

In other words, this could help some of us with sleep apnea.

Read about it here.

Anybody have any thoughts about this?  

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If I thought something could work other than this lousy cpap that would be awesome

The link didn't work so me so I couldn't see the product.  I do have experience with a supposedly reliable boil and bite device.  I should know by now I have a small mouth and nothing regular size fits.  I don't think I'd try any type of mad again not fitted by a dentist.

All this from a person who knows nothing about the product.

You can try this website:

I have a MAD (mandibular advancement device). Dr. Steven Park evaluated my mouth and throat (not everyone can use a MAD, it turns out) and pronounced me a candidate for it.

The truth?  I really prefer my CPAP/APAP machine.  I use the MAD when I travel, however. It's a lot easier to carry it in my handbags than to drag my machine.

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