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I am so tired of CPAP. Does anyone have any ideas for a mask I can try that might work?

I have just  tried Respironics Nuance Gel Pillows Mask. The mask is junk, total junk. It stretches in the back to pull on. Pulls my hair and is showing wear and tear after about 3 uses. Velcro will not stick. The loop that might be able to hold the tubing if it were big enough is too small. The pillows are too close together at the top so they hurt my nose. What happen to having pillows that swiveled so they could be adjusted?  I also think that there must be something in the pillows that bothers the skin of my nose.It irritates my nose where it touches it.  That was my insurance pick so I am out of luck for a while. Totally my fault, I picked. Where I go to get supplies  they are very nice people but they do not use CPAP so they seem to know nothing about it.

The doctor wanted me to try a full face mask and I tried Quattro Air size small. It is really great if trumpeting and farting noises are what you want. It is a demo so I am not out any money this time.          I have cut out a tee shirt liner which is the only way I can use Wisps or Eson but it does not help with the Quattro. On the plus side it is better quality. The doctor wanted me to use the full face mask with a PureSom ruby chin strap over it.. Has anyone ever tried that?  PureSom only comes in the sizes too, too small and so damn big it barely works. But customer service there is super.  Any help out there? Please.

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7I think every single person will tell you the same thing: It takes a while to find the right mask.

I was issued a nasal mask when I first started with CPAP therapy. I had irritation from the rubbing, so it wasn't an ideal solution for me. An RT urged me to try a nasal pillow mask. I was sure I would hate it -- those things poking in my nose?? I thought. Well, he was right: I really like nasal pillows. I now use a Swift FX; I also like the Mirage Swift.

May I suggest that you read the reviews on, say, when you try to decide which mask to try next?  And, yes, it will be trial and effort.  I've tried about five masks. I sometimes use different masks on a rotation basis.

Now here is the part that you probably won't quite believe (and which I wouldn't have believed 30 months ago when I was first diagnosed and entered the world of CPAPs, APAPs and associated masks: I now feel a certain security and comfort as I a don my mask and chin strap up for the night. Really.  I think the reason is that I know I'm going to enjoy a night of sleep. Since my SA is severe, I can't tell you how much it means to me to...sleep.

btw, I don't sleep well (I seem to have an insomnia overlay problem) BUT I think my unconscious knew that I was chocking throughout the night.  It seems to know that with the gear I won't be chocking, thus the immediate sense of comfort.

I think it took me about three to four months of dogged effort to get reasonably comfortable with my mask. Then I became more comfortable. In the past eight or ten months it has been...wonderful.

Hang in there.  Wonderful is ahead for you too.  Keep testing and trying, trying and testing.

Hifay, I have good luck with any of the nasal masks by ResMed.  I have abandoned the Wisp- it doesn't last and leaks badly after a month

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