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Mysterious Emerging Health Trend: Cold Therapy/ Leptin Reset

ok, honestly i don't know anything about this nor do i much time or energy to explore it at the moment, so i wanted to open it up on the forum in case one of you takes an interest and would report back on what this can do for us Sleep Apneacs, if anything . . .

Basically, I have a colleague at work who swears by the recommendations of a neurosurgeon named Jack Kruse -- --- the recommendations are around using a combination of cold showers and the so-called "Paleo" diet to achieve a "Leptin Reset" (whatever that means).  The outcome is supposed to be freedom from many common diseases and ailments, renewed energy and vitality and a longer life.   A fountain of youth, you might call it.  

So what's the deal?  You guys think it's BS, or is there something to it?  Maybe one of our members with a keen critical eye can take this on and report back.  Dare I say it:  Mollette (sp?), any interest?

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Cold showers.........bbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  I think I burned a few calories just thinking about it.

Sounds very interesting and worth trying.  I don't have the discipline to sustain the whole routine.  I wonder how in the world he figured this out?

The nutritionalist began her presentation by asking the group:


"Out of all of the diets out there today, which of them work?"


A thoughtful silence ensued.  However, no one wished to volunteer a response.  So I raise my hand.


"Mollete?" acknowledges the speaker.


"All of them," I reply.

You make me laugh, Mollete. Bravo.



Mike said:

nor do i (have) much... energy to explore it...


Have you thought about trying the Cold Immersion - Paleo Diet?

I of course have given thought to this diet/ regime.  But i haven't committed to really putting my energy/ time into it, which means i probably won't get around to doing it for some time.

     I have heard excellent things about the paleo diet. Really good things.

     I once was very, very ill. My doctor said it was chronic fatigue syndrome "...for which there is no cure," he added (un)helpfully. 

      I started visiting different doctors and found an AMA dis-barred doctor who had gone alternative medicine with a vengeance. He put me on a really, really restricted diet: no sugar whatsoever, including no high-sugar content vegetables (never mind fruits!). Because the diet itself was so limited, he also had me on a regimen of vitamins. There was more to this than I'm describing, but let me say this....


      I mean it.

      I hewed to it for one year. I lost weight (from nearly 160 lbs to too low: 110: he made me put on weight). Best of all, I recovered my energy. I was able to stay up all day long, a real coup for me.

       My internist's view?  The recovery of my health might have happened anyway.

      I had the sleep problem issue, of course. The alternative doctor never recognized my sleep apnea. I don't fault him: the sleep disorder clinic that I went to didn't diagnose me either. (They gave me sleep hygiene tips for their diagnosis, which was insomnia. As many of you know, a friend with whom I shared a hotel room made the diagnosis, not a doctor.)

       Another bonus: I had a "cholesterol problem".  Hah. The AMA dis-barred doctor gave me dietary guidelines that helped me transform that problem. I still have "high" cholesterol -- over 200 -- BUT since my HDLs (the good cholesterol) exceed 100 (yes, you read that correctly: recent test was 105; the test before that was 145) even my super-conventional internist agrees: no statin drugs needed for me. (My ratio is below 1.)

         btw, the disbarred doctor had had a cholesterol problem of his own: it was over 1,000!!! When he realized conventional medicine was never going to solve the problem, he began to research alternative medicine. That's where he found real solutions, real answers.

          As you may all gather, I am a NUT on nutrition. (Otherwise, I'm quite charming ;-)  )

          Not that I follow everything I should. I just had three drinks this evening, for example. Definitely a no-no. (My friends knew I was serious about that alternative no-sugar diet when I imbibed zero alcohol for 11 months.)

           So there's a lot to be said for the paleo diet. Indeed, I've been thinking of going on it.


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