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I'm a mouth breather, and am wondering weather to get a chin strap or affm

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Wondering if mouth breathers do better with FFM

I have both.  I use the chin strap with my Wisp and I also have a FFM if I choose to use that one.

I'm a mouth breather.  I find nasal masks are easier to fit without leaks

Thanks Mary
I just picked up a new chin strap and will use it with my ultra mirage.

Good luck with it- let us know how you do, Richard.

Interesting, I actually feel a little better when I don't use the humidifier, but the humidifier helps with sinuses. The cold air stuff's me up. Gonna try running heat and a nasal spray

Some folks run their humidifiers in passover mode- not turning on the heat just letting the air blow over the water.  That would not give any heat though. 

The chin strap is helping. Been having better sleep. Thanks Ginny and Mary for your help

glad to hear it, Richard.  Keep us posted.

I rarely use the humidifier. I think it's less necessary during the summer when there is humidity.


I also switch between my mouth device and the APAP.  I like each for different reasons. Not sure with which I sleep better, though. (I don't sleep all that well with either, to tell the truth.)

I still use humidity but less of it. It seems to be working OK..

FWIW, I've been alternating between my mouth device and my APAP. I haven't used humidity at all when I use the APAP -- and don't miss it, either.

richard graham said:

I still use humidity but less of it. It seems to be working OK..

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