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Well, to say I am discouraged is putting it mildly. I had a sleep study in 2009 where my AHI was 29. I have been using a CPAP faithfully since then.

I had a sleep study 2 weeks ago and after losing 50 pounds my AHI is 35. WTF? Of all the things I expected in this second study it was not having my sleep apnea be worse.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm on 12 to 21 with pressure support of 4...

Terry Vella said:

Clueless in Redwood Shores, can I ask what your pressure ranges are? I also use the Resmed Auto and get similar recordings, my AHI's are around 5 and 80% of those are central's with 20% obstructive. I was advised that the centrals probably arn't really centrals but moving or coughing etc. I seem to wake around 4.00am -5.00am each morning occassionally fighting the machine like you said. I'm on 4-12 pressure and have been using it for about 9 months. I was thinking about dropping to 11 and see if there is any difference. I love my CPAP and are just trying to get that final tweak. I'm getting between 6-7 hours quality sleep which is great compared to the 1-2 hours non quality sleep I used to get. Would love to get to around 7.5 per night or 5 sleep cycles, that my latest goal.

Banyon said:

The difference between an AHI of 29 and an AHI of 35 is statistically insignificant. There are many variations in the way we sleep and breathe from one night to the next.

You should have that discussion with the doc on the 23rd.

But most importantly, do you have a card reader and software for your S8 and are you using it to track the performance of your CPAP therapy?

If not I highly recommend upgrading to the ResMed S9 AutoSet machine and downloading the free software to monitor AHI, pressure, mask leak, etc. The S9 AutoSet uses a standard SD card and you probably already have a SD card reader.

Without the data capability you do not know whether CPAP is working at an acceptable level of effectiveness for you. Once you have the software, understand the therapy, and monitor the results regularly, you will never want to be without it again.

If your weight changes again you can see the effect on your therapy and know when adjustments must be made.

Congratulation on the weight loss!

Banyon, I met with my doctor on the 23rd. He basically said exactly what you did. That the AHI  from 29 to 35 is statistically insignificant. He also said everything looked good to him, my oxygen was fine at 88%. When he took my oxygen reading in the office it was 98% and my blood pressure is totally normal. He did ask me to send him my data and then he would "scootch" up the pressure a bit if my AHI was little high. He was fine with me changing my machine and sending in my own data. I am going to just assume that I need the CPAP and I am going to use it regardless of how much I do or do not weigh. :>D

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