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I just came from my primary doctor and she tells me that sleep aids and sleep apnea should never be used together.  I am losing sleep because she won't give me back the trazadone I have had for years and used very succesfuly.  I need something but she will give me nothing.  I think this is a crock of bull.  Is there any over the counter sleep aid I might be able to use without it canceling out the benifits of c-pap.

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I also use trazadone.  Maybe you can find another doctor that will prescribe it? 

Suggesting a medication with the information you give here is dangerous.  You make no mention of other meds as well as other medical conditions. 


I would suggest a visit to your sleep doctor.  Before you discuss medicines, sleep hygiene should be discussed.  Generally, most patients I see that are having issues also have some bad sleep hygiene.  This includes, but not limited to TV use all night, clock watching, caffiene and alcohol use too close to bedtime. 


Have you had a weight gain of weight loss?  Change of other medicines?  You may also need to have your CPAP pressure evaluated.


If your sleep hygiene is ok, and pressure is ok, you should address the medication issue with the sleep doc so that something safe for your situation can be considered.


John Krainik, CRT, RPSGT

I can't understand this at all,my dr. gives me ambien 10mg. and has been doing so for a year now.

I have told him I am really concerned that I have to take it to sleep but he said,'well,ambien is the safest thing you could take and right now we need to be concerned with getting you to sleep on a regular basis.

I don't understand why some dr.s feel sleep meds are ok and some do not.

I know that probably by now I am addicted.

I also have been using trazadone for years under a different doctor in another state.  Since then almost every successful treatment he had given me has been taken away with bad effects.  Trazadone is just one of them.  There reason is pullmanology told them it would be bad to take any sleep med while using cpap.  The two would fight each other.  I say bull because I had taken trazadone for years with absolutely no bad effects.  I will get it again from somewhere.  Meanwhile I still have some left to take.  Hopefully I can find a source before I run out.

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