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Sep 16, 2019
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Aug 21, 2019

I am the type of person that usually "gives in" to the needs of others...I have always allowed whoever is riding in the car with me to CHOOSE the radio station...force of habit...been this way all my life.

My husband suffers from panic disorder and I have a CPAP machine...I finally MOVED out of our master bedroom to another room on the other side of the house because of his complaints that it is too noisy.  I don't believe it is that bad, but I just don't want to hear the complaining.  He is getting mighty comfortable in our kingbed. I am in a twin bed on the other side of the house. 

Does our "intimate" life suffer....OH YEAH...His sleep patterns, he probably could use a CPAP too...however, he will never go in to get his sleep problems analyzed. 

Another factor, I have Multiple Sclerosis...yeah....I ain't kidding.

I've been diagnosed for about 24 yrs now.  I am mobile and only have problems with stamina...for the most part, I take care of the home. Quit working 2003 because I was exacerbating too often.

I'm venting.  I am not real happy about all of this but DUE to someone else's struggles with FEAR ...

Well...I don't know.

I would love to throw the CPAP out...but I do sleep better with it than without.

oh help....blessings to all!


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An equipment suggestion:  I recently switched to a F&P Zest Q nasal mask (the "Q" is key), and it is far quieter than the 3 or 4 masks I have tried before.  It disperses the air flow leaving the mask, rather than sending it out as a jet that makes noise whenever it hits cloth (sheet or pillow) like my previous masks.  It allows me to sleep on my side without futzing with the bedclothes to prevent the whooshing sound, and I can even sleep facing my wife now without worrying about shooting her a draft!

The Q model is new in the US, although the non-Q Zest has been here for a while.  If the noise at your face is really the problem, and this mask fits you OK, it could be a solution.  And, BTW, I don't own stock in F&P.


mary folse said:


I will try it on the floor....He claims the problem is from the air flow by the nose pillow...


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