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The sleep technician that fitted me and then the supplier rep that came to my home to show me how to use it didn't tell me it was too large for my face. It does look huge on the photos. It's the Comfort Full II Mask. The reason I chose the full mask over the smaller nasal mask is because my mouth opens when I sleep, so the air would just escape from my mouth. I wonder if the nasal mask or nasal pillows would work for me at all, maybe if I used a good chin strap to keep my mouth close?

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Sonia have your pressures been re-evaluate since the loss of the weight? If not a re-titration may be in order for you.
Hi Brian,

I think you may be right. I didn't think that the distance between the bridge of my nose to my chin wouldn't change much even with such a drastic weight loss. So I'll definitely be trying to get a smaller mask as soon as possible.


Hi Rock,

How are my pressures evaluated? What is a titration test?
Sonia -- the pressure settings that are appropriate for you are determined during the so-called titration test. This is similar to any overnight sleep study -- you sleep in a lab hooked up to a lot of machinery/wires. The difference in a titration test is that you're using the CPAP while you get the test and the sleep tech is remotely adjusting the pressure settings on the machine to see how you respond to each incremental change. Once you're no longer throwing any apneas or hypopneas, and you're getting the proper stage sleep, that's the setting that they recommend you be on (i think the sleep doctor technically has to write a prescription based on these study findings).. make sense?

Sonia S. said:
Hi Rock,

How are my pressures evaluated? What is a titration test?
Great explanation Mike.
Thanks for the explanation, Mike. I only had one sleep study done and wasn't told to go back to the sleep clinic for any other tests. At the sleep study I stayed overnight and from that was prescribed the correct air pressure setting for my CPAP machine. It's set at 9.0 cmH2O, which sometimes feels like it might be a little low. The first couple of days of first using the machine when I got it the air pressure felt high but I quickly got used to it. I will ask about getting a titration test when I speak to the doctor.

Thanks again,
Sonia, I am assuming you spent one night in the sleep lab all wired up and part way thru the night they brought in a mask and you spent the rest of the night w/a mask on and the CPAP turned on? They call that a split-night study, the part of the study where you wear the mask and they use the CPAP for you is what is called the titration.

You might want to try the ProBasics Zzz-Mask full face mask. It is very light weight and has no forehead piece. I've had excellent luck w/the Small. I never could get the Quattro's thin cushion outer cover to stop slicing into the bridge of my nose.
Hi Judy,

I have trouble remembering if it was a split-night study since I only remember the time I spent at the clinic trying to sleep with the uncomfortable mask on. I don't think I sleep more than a few minutes and was afraid the results wouldn't be too helpful. Was surprised that the sleep tech was able to get the results needed for a proper diagnoses and prescription of the right PAP pressure. I forgot what he told me, but I think he said I had many apnea episodes per hour. Don't remember if I was monitored without the mask on.

Thanks for the mask suggestion. Will look for info on that brand. I hate that the mask I wear now leaves dents on my skin and appear to be causing permanent wrinkles on the side of my mouth. Just what I need! Sigh!

Take care,

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