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If you had two pieces of advice to give a newbie....

...what would those two pieces be?

A lot of us would really benefit from the been-there, endured-that experience you veterans have to offer us.


Happy New Year!

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I have been having problems lately I switched from full face mask to nose mask and come to find out I had been wearing my chin strap incorrectly. If you wake up and find that you have been drooling and don't feel rested you are snoring through your mouth. I recommend the pure som ruby chinstrap. You put the big velcro closure on top of your head close to your forehead and flat area with stitching under your chin. The smaller Velcro closure goes behind your head and put your sleep mask on your head over the chinstrap. Nice thing about this strap is it lifts your bottom jaw a lot. Head measurement is from chin around the area of hair above your forehead. Small, large and extra large are the sizes. I needed xl because I have a head like children of the corn haha!

I have noticed the drooling. Now maybe I have a solution!  Thanks, Brett!

PS:  I just ordered the Puresom Ruby chinstrap. Again, thanks.

ZolliStar said:

"...The doctor was stunned by how high I raised my HDLs (the "good" cholesterol) from diet alone.  (It rose to over 60.) I kept at it. Next time I saw my internist, I was at 80. Last time my cholesterol was checked, my HDLs were so high (145) that the endocrinologist told me that he had seen only one patient close to my level (hers was 125) and he wondered if I did anything to get my levels so high. "I surely do!" I told him. Next time I saw him, I came in with the detailed list of everything I take, DON'T take, and what I do to keep my HDLs at such a high level..."

Could you elaborate for us on what you do to make your HDL so high?  May make another thread for that if you wouldn't mind.  I am trying to improve my levels but not finding much change yet.  Thanks - RL

1.Always use your CPAP machine, try not to fall asleep without it.

2. I like nasal pillows and think they work well, so try different types of pillows and masks until you find the style that works for  you.

3. Also if your heart is beating like a drummer on crack go to a doctor right away because Atrial Fibrillation will cause a stroke or kill you and it can be treated and not just controlled.

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