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This is from a correspondence I've been having with Susan McCord, who gave me permission to share it with all you on the forum. Italicized emphasis is my own... Will be interested to hear what you guys think she should do:

"I've been sicker than a dog with this CPAP/sinus stuff since the day after Christmas. Nobody, including my sleep doc will really discuss it with me or else they just dismiss it. This has been going on, off and on, since shortly after I started CPAP in July.

Today I was at my cardiologist for a checkup, and was telling him about all this ongoing. Usually it goes away spontaneously in 2-3 days--this time it's hung on for 10 days so far. Can't stand it.

Anyway, cardiologist, who's also an internist prior, told me it's not uncommon at ALL for pts. on CPAP to have this and that I have an infection. I asked him why the MDs don't tell us about it--he and I have a VERY open relationship and he knows I can't stand having smoke blown up my ass--he told me it's because the sleep docs are so worried about compliance that they don't tell pts. about the possibility of sinus complications AND that it's not uncommon for them to avoid talking about it even if pts. bring it up. They tend to assign the sinus problems to something else.

I was mildly horrified and, frankly, I think he is too. He told me to talk to my PCP and get started on an antibiotic and whatever else PCP recs. He also said people usually stay off CPAP for a week or so till the infection clears. THAT scares me to death. I don't think I'm gonna do it. Internet says to d/c too, but I don't think I can......what do you think I should do???"

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I need humidity.  I started with two and then worked up until I had condensation in the mask, then backed down a notch.  Good luck.
I now am using the baby shampoo. (just a tiny bit to suds) and it worked great. One week and not even one teary eye or irritated nose! Thanks for the WORKS!
I am using it too and pleased.  No stinky lingering odor and not hard to rinse off the suds. 

Beverly Carter said:
I now am using the baby shampoo. (just a tiny bit to suds) and it worked great. One week and not even one teary eye or irritated nose! Thanks for the WORKS!

from a user who private messaged us:

I've been using a c-pap since October 2010.  I came down with a sinus infection in late March, have had 3 rounds of anti-biotics with various decongestants prescribed (allegra-d, xyzal, singulair, nasonex spray, afrin spray, and rhyna).  My left  ear canal is infected, and it's limiting my hearing.  I stopped the last dose of antibiotics Wednesday and the sinus pain and pressure instantly re-appeared.  I've been off and on the cpap since the infection started because I can't use it when I can't breath through my nose.  Is there a connection between c-pap and sinus infections?  A friend of mine also on a cpap reported she has had 3 sinus infections since she got her machine about the same time I did.

I have never had a sinus infection in the three+ years I have been on CPAP.  I know I have read about a bunch of people that have- I don't know if there is a causal connection or if the bugs people get are just super resilient.  I used to have bad sinus problems as a youngster, but luckily outgrew them.  I understand it's got to be frustrating.  Good luck.  This is a good thread- if you read all 20 pages of it you may learn something that will help.  I hope so.

Mary Z.

Back to the doctor today "rubber cement " right sinus trouble. Avalox (not for bagles) ten days..........ack snort ...........hope it works.

Saw someone asking recently about CPAP and sinus infections. This is our best thread on CPAP and sinus infection

I've actually gotten fewer sinus infections since I started using a CPAP with a humidifier.  I used to get them a couple of times a year.  Now I don't remember the last time I had one.  Have you tried using saline spray to clean the germs out of your nose (from being around other people who are sick) before you go to sleep? 

Nothing but sinus problems when I use my machine. 10 years now. Get better, I try to use it again. Then I get sick again. So....I either die of sleep apnea or overuse of antibiotics that have weakened my immune system to nothing.

Right now I have yet another respiratory infection that has me coughing so much that my head is splitting from migraine pains.

Is it really worth it?
Came across this site. I know it is an old post, but I am sure the problems are all still the same.

Yes.....these machines MOST definitely cause sinus problems. I have had nothing but sinus problems since using. I have tried all different kinds of masks. I had a c-pap, now an a-pap with the heated tube and humidifier.

I cannot use these devices. I cannot tolerate them. Anything stuck under your nose seems to decrease air flow when trying to breathe through your nose. The face mask leaks and blows air in your eyes. After 4 hours I give up and throw it off. Trying to fall asleep with it on is hard. If you move a lot in your sleep like I are constantly having to adjust it or it will just blow air on your face.

PLUS......I suffer from acute sinus problems every time I attempt to "try it again" for my health! I keep it clean. I wash the nose pillows more than I was told it needed. I use only distiller water.

As I type....I am fighting yet another horrible cold. I have been on 3 different rounds of antibiotics just this year and it is only February. I just got well and started using the machine again after hearing once again how dangerous sleep apnea was. 2 days later, I am suffering scratchy throat and runny nose. It is now in my chest and I am coughing so much my head is splitting from migraines. No....I have not done MORE antibiotics....yet. I am hoping I can fight this one off without the drugs. Using antibiotics constantly really is bad on the body. I am guessing my immune system is pretty weak by now.

So respond to the question that was asked....I KNOW the pap machines CAUSE sinus infections. I have been dealing with them for years!
Also...I use the neti pot, saline sprays, take vitamins. I do not think there is anything I have not tried. I even read somewhere that putting sesame seed oil in your nose could help. Oh yea....I will try anything! LOL! The sesame seed oil made me feel like I had just ate Chinese food!

Please, please me sleep. I am so tired. I know I am NOT getting the proper sleep, but how can you sleep when you are constantly bothered by a machine that keeps you awake. You keep trying, then you get sick. A no win situation. I wake up lightheaded every morning and totally wore out.

Everyone says keep will get used to it. I gave up and set my machine in the closet for years. My fatigue got worse as time went on. Tried a different machine...the sick with sinus problems right away.

I also have sinus problems. I sleep with heated tubing which helps. Nature is also contributing.


My best solution is to rinse with the Saline Sinus Rinse available from Pharmacies. The older people had the receipe of salt and carbonate soda. I found it very strong. The best for me is the Saline Rinse. It is awefull, but works 

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