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Dec 4, 2021
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Sep 16, 2019
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Aug 21, 2019
Last night I slept some on my back and apparently my mouth was open (yuck, that must have been cute) so my nasal pillows etc. started making a noise that woke my husband up.  Then he woke ME up.  SO is there some kind of chin strap (NOT something else on my face....Oh, no) that can be used with the Swift LT for woman? I went to my DME today and forgot to ask them.  Did pick up a Swift FX for woman(in pink!) to try and see which I like better.  The LT still rides up on the back of my head and I wake up about twice to adjust it during the night.  I guess I want perfection.  Want a custom made device but am not going to Australia any time soon!

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I found this one, and I've tried about 6 or so, this the best so far.

The strap "riding up" in the back seems to be a chronic problem, with the chinstraps too. But with the nasal pillows, if you naturally breath thru your mouth, you need a chinstrap.

Try to work with the velcro straps, to sort of cling the chinstrap to the mask strap, try letting it stick to your hair a little, the way you overlap the velcro.

Let us know how it goes, it takes time to get the comfort, but it's doable.

Hi Ginny,

I encourage you to checkout the Ultimate Chinstrap - . After failing to find a chinstrap that really worked well for me, I created this chinstrap.  In regards to the strap "riding up", this is not an issue at all with this chinstrap.  Also, unlike many of the other chinstraps available, this strap doesn't require you to have to "crank" it down so tight that it puts a lot of pressure on the lower jaw making it very uncomfortable.  Like I said, I tried several chinstraps with little success but the Ultimate Chinstrap truly does work.   Let me know if you have any questions. 

Take care,


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