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Aug 21, 2019
I would just like to see if others have had similar experiences. This took place in Germany within the last two months.

At Sleep Lab No. 1, where I spent 4 nights (two without a mask and two with a nose mask), I was diagnosed with severe apnea (RDI 51.5/h). With nCPAP pressure of 14.6 the second two nights I got to RDI 8.4/h. I supposedly slept 82% (which I doubt very much) of the bed time. The primary data was not given to me, and I had only the doctor's summary. There was no differentiation of back vs. side positions. I was given a full-face mask and CPAP of 14.6 and told to live with it.

This experience frightened me so much that I went to another sleep lab (with a much better reputation), spent two nights (one without mask, one with) and got what I suppose is the equivalent diagnosis, but differentiated as AHI 60.8 back and AHI 10.8 side. The second night brought me to AHI 2.8 back and 0.8 side with a nose mask and APAP 6-15, which is much easier to take. I was given the primary data sheets.

My suspicion is that the doctor in Lab 1 did not properly evaluate the data, even though I spent twice as long in her lab. The failure to distinguish back and side positions, for example, seems to me grossly negligent, and I wonder if she looked at the data carefully.

Are you aware of such gross differences in sleep labs in your country? What do you think of this experience?

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